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Fat, Old, Slow, CYcling League (FOSCyL pronounced "Fossil")  
Sacramento,  California  94203

You don't need to be fat, ols or slow but if you are a "zippy rider", you need to look elsewhere. A cycling club for the rst of us.
2018 Miles Traveled: 121
8 club members, club admin: cyclingdude57
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2018 miles
1 alfreeland Sacramento, CA Fat, Old, Slow, CYcl.. Diamondback Ascent x.. 0
2 arbcubed Greeley, CO Saline County Bicycl.. Schwinn Suburban 26".. 0
3 cyclingdude57 Camino, CA None LeMond Tourmalet roa.. 0
4 ilovebiking California None unknown make 26" co.. 0
5 krishmallow Davis, CA None Trek 26" comfort 0
6 maddawg Fairbanks, AK Fairbanks Cycle Club Trek 6700 hardtai.. 0
7 myambro Davis, CA Fat, Old, Slow, CYcl.. TerraTrike Tour II .. 0
8 tawnyy Davis, CA Sacramento Bike Hike.. Fuji Royale road 189

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