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Team Vite Racing  

Team Vite Racing is a group of racers and riders that have been formed to promote recumbent riding, racing, and camaraderie.
2018 Miles Traveled: 3,332
21 club members, club admin: tojesky
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2018 miles
1 AeroRider premier member Muskegon, MI 'BentRider Recumbent.. Bacchetta CA2.0-.. 3,343
2 tojesky premier member Katy, TX Team Vite Racing ICE VTX+ trike recu.. 3,332
3 FlyingLaZBoy Rowlett, TX RBENT Inspired Cycle .. 2,338
4 BentWonder West Palm B.., FL South Florida Recumb.. Performer HR swb .. 1,149
5 gasman06 premier member Dawsonville, GA Middle Georgia Cycli.. Bacchetta CA 2.0 .. 839
6 LarryIde Monmouth, IL Team Vite Racing Bacchetta CA2 swb re.. 0
7 bentwanderer2 Tucson, AZ Team Vite Racing Bacchetta Ti Aero re.. 0
8 mountainraine Rentz, GA Rentz Rebels Schlitter Encore .. 0
9 bentnotbroke Christmas, FL Team Vite Racing Rans Rifle road 0
10 JS2 Venice, FL Team Vite Racing other Zockra CHR rec.. 0
11 customsawyer Rentz, GA Rentz Rebels CarBent Raven swb re.. 0
12 mbikes Rentz, GA Middle Georgia Cycli.. Rans Rifle swb recum.. 0
13 aikigreg Fort Worth, TX RBENT Rans F5 swb recumben.. 0
14 tigerpaw Warner Robi.., GA Middle Georgia Cycli.. Cruzbike Vendett.. 0
15 JS1 Venice, FL Team Vite Racing M5 CHR recumbent roa.. 0
16 marshallprice Byron, GA Team Vite Racing Bacchetta Carbon Ae.. 0
17 djh Lacon, IL Illinois Valley Whee.. other Zockra HR7.. 0
18 corsapilot12 Katy, TX Team Vite Racing Bacchetta Corsa s.. 0
19 McBrian Warner Robi.., GA Middle Georgia Cycli.. Optima High Baro.. 0
20 Shrinkrapt Sarasota, FL Team Vite Racing Bacchetta Corsa r.. 0
21 benthammer Powder Spri.., GA Team Vite Racing Bacchetta Carbon.. 0

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