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Methuen, Massachusetts
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Lifetime Odometer: 1,906 miles

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Back in the saddle again. 
click to enlarge 2001 Bianchi Volpe
Road bike
Description:  I like this bike. If your thinking about buying one, do it. Light, fast, strong.

No mechanical problems since I bought it in 02. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.
Original air in the tires even.

Not riding this much anymore. Mostly ride the M50 and save this for the week-ends. It feel fast when I ride it on sunday after lugging the other bike around all week. Plus the clip ons make my knees and ankles hurt.

Lifetime Odometer: 1,045.7 miles

click to enlarge 2009 Giant Bowery
Fixed Gear Road bike
Description:  Fixed Gear - Aluminum Frame
Cheap, fixed gear - $300 at the dealer.
about 500 less than the bianchi pista that I really wanted.
Maybe Ill get the pista next time, till then this is a good ride

Lifetime Odometer: 347.0 miles

click to enlarge Raleigh M80
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:   I kiinda gave this one to the wife after I got the volpe, but she never rode it. Im thinking real hard about starting to commute to work - Ive even gone so far as to ride in a couple of times on the weekend using the volpe. However, I think this might be a better machine for the job. Flat peddles means I dont need to carry extra shoes, fat tires and front shock mean I dont get beat up bythe road.

Anyway, its back on the road, getting all of the problems that can be caused by 3 years of neglect solved. After that its gonna be my ride to work and my family truckster. Probably going to add a new handle bar and some street tires, Maybe even a trailer.

Just added new tires. Generic Street tires with some sort of kevlar teflonish
coating to resist flats. Bike is faster, the 90psi doesnt hurt. Plus its not as squirly to ride, Very happy. I think a new stem or a riser handle bar is next on the list, I want to get the weight off my wrists.

Lifetime Odometer: 273.9 miles
No planned events for 2018

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