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I started riding a stationary bike in my basement to lose weight. At that time I'm not really sure how much I weighed but it was over 350 pounds, my scale only went up to 350 and it took 6 weeks of dieting before I could weigh myself. As i pedaled I thought how great it would be to be outside riding a bicycle! I went down to 225 pounds. That was to skinny for me, I'm 6'5". Since then I've gone back up to 270 now because of surgery and not working. But I know I'll lose it just as soon as I can get back on my bicycle! I just enjoy riding! It always brings a smile to my face. 
click to enlarge 2005 Trek 7300
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  I traded my road bike in for this Trek 7300. I didn't like the riding position of the road bike. I love this bike! Sure, it's not as fast but I'm much more comfortable. I've added Brooks B17 saddle, Cane Creek bar ends, Racks, front & rear, Peter White built Velocity rims w/Phil Wood hubs. Deore derailleurs, Speedplay Frog pedals, Planetbike fenders and quick fire shifters. The whole bike has been upgraded.

Lifetime Odometer: 3,504.8 miles

700 x 35C Bontrager Invert Hardcase, front, 3,505 miles
700 x 35C Bontrager Invert Hardcase 2, rear, 771 miles

2005 Trek 7300 - 2-
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  I got this bike off eBay for $185. It's 2 years old but was NEVER ridden! So now all the extra's from my other 7300 go on this one and the used 7300 becomes the beater bike!

Lifetime Odometer: 713.2 miles

700 x 35C Schwalbe , front, 713 miles
700 x 35C Schwalbe , rear, 713 miles

Stationary bike

Lifetime Odometer: 1,093.3 miles
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