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Toltec, Arkansas
Club Affiliations: Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas (BACAR)
Arkansas Bicycle Club
Member Since: January 2006 5 Year Distance Chart
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Lifetime Odometer: 29,779 miles

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I started back riding in earnest in the summer of 2002 in Augusta, Georgia, and have tried to keep it up since then. I'm mostly a roadie, though I dabble in a bit of cross-country MTBing (I'm a bit of a weinie when it comes to hills, though) and more and more, bike commuting and utility riding. I do volunteer work in cycling education and outreach for Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas (BACA) and the Arkansas Bicycle club, and at least have a membership card from the IMBA and Adventure Cycling. I am a League Cycling Instructor for the LAB (#1853) and work mostly with adult and club cyclists here in central Arkansas. 
click to enlarge 2010 Surly Long Haul Trucker
Touring Road bike
Description:  The LHT is my all-around riding, touring, and utility bike, replacing the 2008 Cross-Check which got murdered by a drunk driver. Serial Number #9112269.

Lifetime Odometer: 3,912.6 miles

2009 Kona Ute
Cargo bike
Description:  Kona Ute cargo bike, found as a really-really good deal. She has a lot of potential as a touring and general party bike.

Lifetime Odometer: 645.0 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Orbea Onix TDF
Road bike
Description:  Lightning does sometimes strike twice... This bike was the door prize at Chainwheel's Customer Appreciation night last month. Ultegra SL gruppo, with a 50/34 compact crank and 11-25 10-speed cogset. Serial Number: MAT6FOA0948

Lifetime Odometer: 5,825.6 miles

2008 Jamis 
Single Speed Road bike
Description:  This is actually a "frankenbike" built up on a Jamis frame using stock parts. Fixed gear/single-speed with a flip-flop hub that I'm working up for bike polo and general hipness. 42X18 fixed, 42X22 single-speed.

Lifetime Odometer: 39.9 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Bike Friday Tikit
Folding bike
Description:  Over the past three or four years I've been in some of the nicest cycling cities in the country, but shank's mare... Now I have a Tiket to ride, "previously loved" as the Green Gear Cycling folks tend to say, mostly for use when I'm on travel status. 2008 Tikit Hyperfold, in the standard Cream Soda Blue. Serial number:

Lifetime Odometer: 203.7 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Gary Fisher Caliber 29er
Full Susp XC Mountain bike
Description:  I'm a hill wienie, but I do like to ride cross-country and back out thru the deer woods, and this is my ATV. It's also a lot of fun as an urban assault vehicle. Fisher full-suspension 29er, set up to go places where the Madone doesn't want (or need) to go. SRAM shifters and brakes, Deore 44/32/22 front rings, 11-35 in the back. Serial Number WL3421290 (Stolen 1/3/2008) Replaced by same model, Serial Number WL 3487261.

Lifetime Odometer: 939.9 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Specialized Rockhopper
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  My first mountain bike, a 26" hardtail. A good little bike - I've since added a cargo rack to make it more of a utility bike for putting around the farm and the back 40, and it's useful for when I teach kids' classes. Serial # M5DI03523.

Lifetime Odometer: 163.3 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Trek Madone 5.2
Road bike
Description:  This is my beloved and primary ride... 2004 U.S. Postal team colors, triple chain ring, Ultegra components all around. Serial No. WL3170910.

Lifetime Odometer: 6,717.3 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Specialized Globe City 7 Commuter
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  City/urban commuter for riding to work, utility riding, and generally tooling around town. Beats taking the pickup truck! Shimano Deore 48/36/26 triple chain ring and 8-speed 11-32 rear cassette. Shimano DH-3N71 hub generator and LED light set.
Serial Number: UD6 70713619

Lifetime Odometer: 711.8 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Surly Cross-Check
Road bike
Description:  Surly Cross-Check road/cyclocross bike, set up as a fast commuter and utility bike. Serial No. M8040892.

The Cross-Check has gone to Bike Heaven, wiped out in a collision with a drunk driver on 2/28/2010. May it rest in peace...

Lifetime Odometer: 3,544.9 miles
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