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Rsm, California
Club Affiliations: 'BentRider Recumbent Club
International Christian Cycling Club
Member Since: June 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
2018 Miles Traveled: 795
2018 Rank: # 537 of 1,617 riders
(outdoor rides only)
Lifetime Odometer: 79,169 miles

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Been riding seriously, mostly commuting to work, since 1973. Got burnt out this year till i bot a recumbent (2/04) and now the enjoyment is back. Recumbents can spoil a rider rather easily. I can't say enuff positive things about the Rans...so much so that i bought another.

I have been commuting to work since 1977. After Sep 11, I became even more committed to bike commuting to reduce oil consumption as much as possible. This is one of many ways I feel i can contribute. Funny how it is that if you do something long enough, it becomes a way of life and second nature. 
click to enlarge 2016 other U300
Stationary bike
Description:  Bladez U300 Upright Bike

2018 Odometer: 578.1 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 3,165.8 miles

click to enlarge 1975 Nishiki Competition
Road bike

2018 Odometer: 173.7 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 28,862.7 miles

27 x 1-1/4 Continental Ultrasport, front, 3,646 miles
27 x 1-1/4 Cheng Shin CST Super HP, rear, 2,332 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Rans V-Rex XL (green)
SWB Recumbent bike

Lifetime Odometer: 21,146.0 miles

20 x 1.75 Schwalbe Marathon (Kevlar), front, 2,725 miles
26 x 1.50 Schwalbe Marathon (Kevlar), rear, 0 miles

click to enlarge 2003 Rans V-Rex XL (white)
SWB Recumbent bike

2018 Odometer: 43.2 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 22,445.2 miles

20 x 1.75 Primo Comet, front, 2,617 miles
26 x 1.50 Schwalbe Marathon (Kevlar), rear, 3,376 miles

Stationary bike

Lifetime Odometer: 2,461.7 miles
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