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Member Since: July 2007 5 Year Distance Chart
2018 km Traveled:
2018 Rank: # 1 of 1,034 riders
(includes indoor rides)
Lifetime Odometer: 235,209 km

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Used to commute to work in NZ, but now ride for fitness. You can find me on the Blue Springs/Lake Beresford bike trail or the Deleon Springs trail nearly every morning.

2008 - 09579 km/05952 miles
2009 - 16657 km/10350 miles
2010 - 16201 km/10066 miles
2011 - 20503 km/12739 miles
2012 - 22280 km/13844 miles
2013 - 24418 km/15172 miles
2014 - 28276 km/17569 miles
2015 - 33253 km/20662 miles
2016 - 30509 km/18957 miles
2017 - 31364 km/19488 miles 
click to enlarge 2007 Trek 1000
Road bike
Description:  Stock Trek 1000 with Discovery Channel logos - not even sure of the year, since I bought it used

2018 Odometer: 570.1 km
Lifetime Odometer: 171,196.0 km

700 x 23C Continental UltraSport, front, 16,073 km
700 x 23C Vittoria Zaffrino Blue, rear, 4,794 km
generic Zeromax Rear wheel 8 speed, 32,060 km
Shimano Truativ crank 8 speed, 38,330 km
Shimano Brifter  8 speed, 14,803 km
SRAM PG 950 Cassette 9 speed, 14,803 km
SRAM PG 850 8 speed, 14,803 km

click to enlarge 2015 Mekk Poggio
Road bike
Description:  Bought to replace my Nashbar carbon - with the Nashbar credit I had, I only had to pay $6

2018 Odometer: 1,184.3 km
Lifetime Odometer: 27,528.8 km

700 x 25C Continental UltraSport II, front, 4,641 km
700 x 23C generic WINDBREAK rims, front, 4,641 km
700 x 25C Continental UltraSport II, rear, 4,641 km
700 x 23C generic WINDBREAK rims, rear, 4,641 km
Shimano CS-HG500 Cassette (aero) 10 speed, 4,641 km
KMC CN4601  10 speed, 10,223 km

click to enlarge Kent 
Tandem Mountain bike
Description:  Bought to ride with my wife - we will see how much use it gets.

Lifetime Odometer: 3,075.1 km

click to enlarge 2009 Kent Lamborghini Rapido
Road bike
Description:  Cheap spare for when my Trek is busted - although it looks better than my Trek at the moment, since its nearly brand new.
I can now tell everyone I have a Lamborghini...

Lifetime Odometer: 5,250.5 km

700 x 28C Kenda , front, 3,114 km
700 x 28C Kenda , rear, 3,114 km

click to enlarge other Glacier
26" Comfort bike
Description:  Generic Mountain bike for pulling my son on a bike trailer

Lifetime Odometer: 2,156.1 km

click to enlarge Schwinn Recumbent
Stationary bike

Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 km

click to enlarge 2013 Nashbar Carbon -Small
Road bike
Description:  I bought this in March 2013, (I actually bought the XS model but had to return it due to pedal interference). I wasn't allowed to ride it until Xmas 2013 though (my big present for the year). It has definitely bumped my speed up by about 1mph, and it feels easier to ride.

Had to return to Nashbar due to a problem with the bottom bracket - my new bike will not have a threaded bottom bracket!!

Lifetime Odometer: 25,850.2 km

700 x 23C Cheng Shin czar, front, 6,600 km
700 x 23C Nashbar Prima 2, rear, 682 km
Shimano R501 Wheelset 10 speed, 25,850 km
SRAM FSA Crankset 10 speed, 4,152 km
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