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Bacchetta Carbon Basso GS
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'BentRider Recumbent Club
posted 4/27/2017
at 4:03:33 PM
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Lots of problems with the old thread.

Howard created the original TIB with these profound words:

Tell us about your latest bicycle-related purchase.


Tell us what you're considering for your next bicycle-related purchase and let the vast experience and brain power of BikeJournal advise you.
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 ericrrrm member not displaying online status
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Motobecane Super Mirage
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posted 11/28/2018
at 2:40:06 PM
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Yesterday I bought an Invacare Top End Force G hand cycle. It is a 2014 but an upgrade to my Intrepid Tourer.
-- posted by tojesky

So, what fraction of people riding hand cycles would you guess don't actually need hand cycles? Whenever I see someone on a hand cycle, I (fairly naturally, I think) assume they don't have any choice.
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