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2018 Cycling Goals?
 Slow_Moe member not displaying online status
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Salsa Fargo
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
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posted 12/1/2017
at 11:51:05 AM
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I see a few goal-oriented Challenges out there for next year. Are you a goal-oriented person? Care to share your goals here?

I'll start. I've been working on a goal of riding in all fifty states in the USA. My 2018 goal is to push the current tally up to 49, with plans to hit #50 (Hawaii) in 2019. My second goal is to finally do my first multi-day off-road bikepacking trip. This is one I've been dreaming about for a while and I'm certainly not getting any younger so this will be the year.

So what are your 2018 goals?
Say it out loud and make those dreams happen!

 Slo_Joe member online
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Bacchetta Carbon Basso GS
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posted 5/9/2018
at 1:14:15 PM
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So does this mean you are going to do those goals 3 times? (ducking)

 Kendra member offline
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Bianchi Volpe
Cyclocross Road bike
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posted 5/31/2018
at 5:22:08 PM
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May was a great month for me in terms of the bike vs. car challenge. For some reason, though, I havenít gotten out to do long recreational rides. Oh well, Iíll go when the spirit moves me.

The May numbers:
Car = 68
Bike = 323

Annual Totals
Car = 789 miles and 54 days
Bike = 1547 miles and 136 days

Oh, and an update on the "sprained" ankle. Either it wasnít really sprained, or I heal really fast. It only kept me off the bike for a few days.
post edited on 6/1/2018 at 10:22:02 AM
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