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Trek FX 7.5, any reviews
 dmalshere1 member offline
Lifetime: 23,478 mi
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Member since: Sep 2008
Home: Lisle, IL 
Gary Fisher Lane
Road bike
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American Diabetes Association
posted 7/5/2009
at 5:16:18 PM
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Im looking at getting a Trek FX 7.5 sometime. I have been riding a Trek 7000 hybrid for a year now. Im thinkin that doing events and road riding it would be easy to ride something like a 7.5 instead of my hybrid. Ive ridin something like 2400 miles so far this year, so I ride a lot. My only reason for this bike instead of a normal road bike is I can not bend my back that well due to nerve damage. So I don't think getting a normal road bike would be a good idea. Any ideas besides this bike would be helpfull. Any reviews. I like the Trek dealer ive been dealing with for a year now, so I'd like to stay with a Trek

 BremenCole member offline
Lifetime: 8,126 mi
Member No. 34071
Member since: Mar 2009
Home: Granbury, TX 
Catrike Trail
Trike bike
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posted 7/5/2009
at 5:55:42 PM
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Below is an individuals post that is pretty interesting....


Below is a few user reviews, not very helpful... but.....


And yet another with a few reviews......


I myself had a FX 7.3, nice bike but traded for a road bike as that was what I really needed..... Good luck!
post edited on 7/5/2009 at 5:55:08 PM

 maschwab member offline
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Lifetime: 13,062 mi
Member No. 3718
Member since: Nov 2004
Home: Dawson, YT 
Giant W xtracycle / 35cc motor
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
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Springfield (IL) Bicycle Club
posted 7/5/2009
at 6:07:14 PM
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A Rans Crank Forward looks like a hybrid diamond frame, but has raised handlebars and a big seat.

 OpusthePoet member offline
Lifetime: 15,960 mi
Member No. 7276
Member since: May 2005
Home: Garland, TX 
Oak Cliff Clyde
Cargo bike
posted 7/5/2009
at 8:58:27 PM
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I second the crank-forward concept. Gigi is right at the dividing line between a compact LWB 'bent and a crank-forward bike and aside from some early fit problems that had more to do with rescuing her from a Dumpster than design issues I have found her to be a very comfortable if slow ride. The best part about this particular bike for me is it will just barely fit on the bike racks on the bus and train here. So I get the cushy ride and I can bypass car traffic with mass transit should I desire or need to. Best of both worlds, DF and 'Bent.


 Jas member offline
Lifetime: 9,550 mi
Member No. 2024
Member since: Apr 2004
Home: MD 
Kona Jake The Snake
Cyclocross Road bike
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posted 7/5/2009
at 9:13:59 PM
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My wife rides the FX 7.2 WSD. She loves the bike! It is a solid and comfortable ride. Very dependable and solid! The geometry and componet design is a great mix of upright posture and road performance. The only thing that concerns me is the wheel set. The standard wheelset on the 7.5 is one with a low spoke count. It seems to me that you would be better served by a wheelset built for durability rather than wheelset built for speed. I would encourage you to look around a bit for a bike that better serves your riding style.

 mary9761 member not displaying online status
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Lifetime: 12,114 mi
Member No. 8503
Member since: Jul 2005
Home: Indianapolis, IN 
Trek 7.2FX
700c Hybrid bike
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Breaking Winds click to learn more about premier membership
posted 7/5/2009
at 10:37:49 PM
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I can chime in on the FX 7.2 WSD as well. I purchase one in March and other than getting used to the seat since I don't have chamois in my shorts, I LOVE it!! I had upgraded from the Navigator 50 comfort bike and was looking at the 7000 and 7100 when I tried the 7.2. I rides like a dream and the wheel set has a higher count than the 7.5 so I don't have to worry as much about the wheel giving me problems with my weight and riding conditions. The Navigator had around 7000 miles on the wheels and I just replaced the rear to keep it as my workhorse bike.

 SCHWINNBOY member offline  
Lifetime: 33,403 mi
Member No. 21618
Member since: May 2007
Home: Sharpsburg, NC 
Trek 7.5FX
Road bike
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WW Biking Babes & Guys
posted 7/6/2009
at 1:29:22 PM
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I ride a 7.5 FX. I ride a lot of miles (almost 9,000 last year) and have thoroughly enjoyed my 7.5 FX. I have had no problems with any aspect of my 7.5 FX. Since I am basically a road rider, I have upgraded many of my components to suit my desire for "roadiness." I now ride my 7.5 FX with Deore XT brakes, an Ultegra SL derailleur (previously upgraded to a 105), a carbon seat post, a Mavic Equipe wheelset (never had a problem with the SSR original wheelset), Dura-ace chain (I monitor chain wear) and 700x23 tires. A most comfortable bike that I am proud to own. I previously owned a Schwinn Voyageur and a Trek 7.2 FX-the carbon fork, better components, and the SSR wheelset let me taste the "roadiness" that I enjoy. While a pure road bike is faster, my 7.5 FX is fast enough for me and I average around 17.5 mph on my various rides. While a choice of bicycle is an individual one, for me, the 7.5 FX was the best choice for me.

 AlohaCruzer member offline
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Lifetime: 28,220 mi
Member No. 35696
Member since: Jun 2009
Home: The Woodlands, TX 
Moots Vamoots RSL
Road bike
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Woodlands Cycling Club
posted 7/6/2009
at 1:47:06 PM
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I bought a 2009 Trek FX 7.5 last September with SPD double sided pedals. I was looking for a bike that was a bit faster than my older, heavier giant hybrid and thought that Trek might be it. I especially like the new Bontrager Nebula seat (new for 09) that's very comfortable and seems to work as advertised. While I've moved on this year to a road bike (Orbea Orca 2009 with Dura Ace 7900) that gets me going in the 20-22mph range (w/o paceline)I can say the Trek 7.5 is a great "event" bike thats very comfortable and comparatively fast (easy to do 15-17mph) despite being upright. Components are adequate, shifting is reliable and the carbon fiber insert in the fork is shock absorbing. I bought my daughter a 2009 FX 7.3 and I can say the extra few bucks for the 7.5 are worth it. Recommend the bike. I also noted that on Trek Travel - customers get to ride either the Trek Madone (not sure which level) or the 7.5 for their rides in the US. Given the Trek Travel trips are not cheap - as they cater to upscale riders - probably a decent endorsement of the 7.5. Happy Trails!

 hootervil_mayor member online
Lifetime: 11,454 mi
Member No. 23414
Member since: Aug 2007
Home: Rowena, SD 
Bacchetta Giro 26
Touring Road bike
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Falls Area Bicyclists
posted 7/6/2009
at 1:53:06 PM
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I've had my 7.5FX for a couple of years and over 3000 miles and I have no complaints except for the front derailer. I had it replaced after only 100 miles, with a SRAM X9 and never looked back. Don't worry about the SSR wheelset too much. I am about 210 pounds and haven't injured them yet!

 BikeLady member online
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Lifetime: 54,006 mi
Member No. 2053
Member since: Apr 2004
Home: Sandy, UT 
Trek Domane 6 Series P1
Road bike
Club Rouge Croix click to learn more about premier membership
posted 7/6/2009
at 5:06:42 PM
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The SSR wheelset is great and will give you no problems. It's one of the few Bontrager products that I actually endorse.

I'm actually about to sell my Gary Fisher Utopia (a suspension hybrid) and buy a 7.5 FX for commuting. Since I'm moving to a place that has roads (as opposed to pothole fields), I figure I won't need the hefty suspension fork anymore.

 dmalshere1 member offline
Lifetime: 23,478 mi
Member No. 31828
Member since: Sep 2008
Home: Lisle, IL 
Gary Fisher Lane
Road bike
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American Diabetes Association
posted 7/6/2009
at 5:11:18 PM
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Im somewhere round 250 lbs, so I need something that will hold my weight. I still would like to be able to ride on stuff like the Prairie Path. Plus my commute to work is streets, but lots of potholes. Im worried about the tires. I break a lot of spokes somehow,
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