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2018 1st Quarter Quarter Challenge
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posted 12/30/2017
at 8:53:46 PM
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OK, time to sign up for the 1st Quarter of 2018.

I set up the table with a list of names from the 2017 1st quarter (those who were still posting anyhow).

Feel free to add yourself to the table

This thread was started by Pansy Palmetto. She's left a lasting impression and I know I'll think of her as I pass mile 25 on any given ride. These are her original rules:
1. Your ride must consist of at least 25 miles and be less than 50 miles.
2. This is a "single posting" category. None of that cheating double/triple/quadruple weasel dipping like all those other mileage threads.
3. Just report your mileage and ride time. Perhaps what you were wearing!
4. We start over anew with each new quarter. Pansy don't care about your older rides.
5. Quarter Rides are the mileage you acquire within a calenderic (fictitious word there) 24 hour period as in midnight to midnight. NO 4pm to 4pm the next day nonsense, RD...

Here's the table, anyone can update it:

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posted 3/18/2018
at 7:33:58 AM
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Q1N26 - 3/16/18 = 28.38 miles
Q1N27 - 3/17/18 = 35.48 miles

It hit 44F during yesterday's ride and it is forecasted to hit 53 today - My favorite part of winter is when winter is over and we are almost there.
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