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Rest In Peace, Raleighdon
 Howard member not displaying online status
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LeMond Zurich
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posted 7/18/2012
at 3:52:53 PM
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On Wednesday, July 18th, at 1:37 pm PT, mimitabby posted on Facebook:

"Raleighdon is gone. Rest in peace, my beloved husband."

She asked me to let you all know. We've lost one of our own. Donald Boothby inspired us with his humor, his wit and wisdom, his love for his family, his passion for life and cycling, which were synonyms to him, and his devotion to donuts, pie, and really, REALLY long bike rides.

Tailwinds, my Seattle mentor, tailwinds.
thread edited on 7/18/2012 at 9:38:44 PM

 LColonelsrollin member not displaying online status
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posted 7/18/2012
at 4:38:49 PM
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Plain and simple, cancer stinks. I echo the post of Opus. I've been very busy and have not been a regular on here since winter, so I've not carefully followed this saga. My heart just breaks. It is not fair that someone with so much life and zeal and passion for life and cycling and family and pies! should depart so soon. Rest in peace, RD. You have been a tremendous inspiration from afar, though I never met you. Mimi, you have our prayerful support. My Saturday ride will in RD's honor, with a slice of fresh blueberry pie a la mode for dessert.

 reed1025 member online
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TransCanada click to learn more about premier membership
posted 7/18/2012
at 4:40:09 PM
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I found his BJ profile:

Never had the opportunity to ride with RaleighDon. R.I.P. My condolences to his family.

 bentpebbles member offline
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WizWheelz CF EDGE
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'BentRider Recumbent Club
posted 7/18/2012
at 4:53:46 PM
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+1 what everybody has said, RIP RD !

 hootervil_mayor member online
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Bacchetta Giro 26
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Falls Area Bicyclists
posted 7/18/2012
at 4:57:17 PM
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What a tremendous loss for all of us, let alone Mimi and family.
I am selfish, remembering all his witty posts and wonderful tales here on Bike Journal and thinking about how I will miss him.

But I can just see him and Pansy, pedaling together once again in pain free peace and I don't feel quite so sad.

 FloridaBiker member not displaying online status
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posted 7/18/2012
at 5:07:23 PM
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The world is a much darker place today without his bright soul, wit and wisdom. I will miss him dearly. Gods speed Donald.

 dallasbikr member offline
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Specialized Stumpjumper EVO
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International Christian Cycling Club
posted 7/18/2012
at 5:14:39 PM
post #16 viewed 1051 times
a very sad day...

But moderating the forum will be quite a bit easier now

..for those offended by that, dont be. RD was a self-confessed pusher of forum limitations. We joked about it several times. He would've appreciated the comment...

 Spridget member offline
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Member since: Jun 2010
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Raleigh Grand Prix
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posted 7/18/2012
at 5:17:49 PM
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I never got to meet him, but I will ride a Raleigh to work tomorrow in his honor.

 MailMover member offline
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posted 7/18/2012
at 5:50:13 PM
post #18 viewed 1012 times
I just returned from a Ride and am sadden to read this. Rest In Peace, MARINE! Mimi, I am so sorry for your loss. He was an inspiration to us all. He will be missed.


 snosonic member online
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Novara Randonee
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Bike Friday
posted 7/18/2012
at 5:51:09 PM
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The news came to my FB page. I only learned of RD's cancer fight about a week ago. I wondered why I had not seen him at the Seattle Bike Expo this year, and the lack of posts on the Seattle Radonneurs email list.

Although I had not ridden with him I enjoyed reading of his exploits and his opinions. The cycling community here in Puget Sound will be the poorer for his loss.

 Did member offline
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Specialized Roubaix Expert SL4
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posted 7/18/2012
at 5:52:08 PM
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RD, a man with great gusto. . .now gone. Sympathies to Mimi and family.
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