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2018 Metric Club Challenge
 hairykiwi member offline
14,703 15,001 mi
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Member since: Jul 2007
Home: Deland, FL 
Mekk Poggio
Road bike
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posted 1/1/2018
at 11:29:52 AM
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This will be the thread for the metric challenge. Please post your goal.

This challenge is open to anyone....any time. The rules this year will be the same as for previous years. Those rules are below:

METRIC CENTURY CLUB RULES as continued from previous years: Note that the first three lines of the post are requested to be (M)iles (T)time and (E) Elevation. The E is optional.

1. Metric century is 100 Kilometers (62.137 miles) or longer.

2. Try to be done as a continuous ride with allowed breaks for food, rest, etc.to keep in the spirit of "doing a metric century." The "Metric Police" were fired years ago, so use your own guideline for the time frame to turn the pedals for 62.137 miles.

3. "One Metric Per Day". Credit for one metric regardless of the length of the ride.

4. Post as much as you want about the ride for those of us who enjoy reading where ya where, something about your metric just fer fun. Any other information such as max HR, elevation, etc. is definitely welcome.

5. Qualifying rides posted in other challenges may be posted here.

6. Have fun.

7. No Whining

7. And last but not least, a thank you to RussTaiTai for starting this motivational thread and thanks to SloJoe and tojesky for their hosting over many previous years.

If the table below is too hard to work with, try the link below:

2018 Metric Challenge

 ptsbike member offline
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Member since: Mar 2004
Home: Jonesborough, TN 
custom built LT Bikes
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Tri-Cities Road Club
posted 9/22/2018
at 2:03:33 PM
post #251 viewed 25 times
63.1 miles
3:56:20 time
16.0 average
4311 elevation

 AZNick member offline
Lifetime: 23,953 mi
Member No. 45880
Member since: Aug 2011
Home: Queen Creek, AZ 
Diamondback Century
Road bike
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Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club
posted 9/24/2018
at 6:26:59 AM
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62.76 Miles
3:36:33 Time
17.4 Ave
860 Elevation

Was so excited on our stop at about 41 miles, I was at 19.1mph average. Then on the ride home the forecasted winds hit and it got tough and I watched my ave mph diminishing before my eyes.

My riding has also diminished while we sale house (close 10/5), stay at a VRBO 10/5-11/15 and get into new house no later than 11/16. We are downsizing, yes!
post edited on 9/24/2018 at 6:27:45 AM
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