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2018 Metric Club Challenge
 hairykiwi member offline
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posted 1/1/2018
at 11:29:52 AM
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This will be the thread for the metric challenge. Please post your goal.

This challenge is open to anyone....any time. The rules this year will be the same as for previous years. Those rules are below:

METRIC CENTURY CLUB RULES as continued from previous years: Note that the first three lines of the post are requested to be (M)iles (T)time and (E) Elevation. The E is optional.

1. Metric century is 100 Kilometers (62.137 miles) or longer.

2. Try to be done as a continuous ride with allowed breaks for food, rest, etc.to keep in the spirit of "doing a metric century." The "Metric Police" were fired years ago, so use your own guideline for the time frame to turn the pedals for 62.137 miles.

3. "One Metric Per Day". Credit for one metric regardless of the length of the ride.

4. Post as much as you want about the ride for those of us who enjoy reading where ya where, something about your metric just fer fun. Any other information such as max HR, elevation, etc. is definitely welcome.

5. Qualifying rides posted in other challenges may be posted here.

6. Have fun.

7. No Whining

7. And last but not least, a thank you to RussTaiTai for starting this motivational thread and thanks to SloJoe and tojesky for their hosting over many previous years.

If the table below is too hard to work with, try the link below:

2018 Metric Challenge

 LColonelsrollin member not displaying online status
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posted 6/18/2018
at 5:39:43 PM
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Metric #12
Distance: 377.5
Time: 20:36:46
Avg.: 18.36 mph
Elevation: 9,128'

National 24-hour challenge. 36th consecutive year of the event, my 6th in a row. And easily my best effort so far, by far.

Day started early with 2 a.m. thunder and lightning. then some rain at 3. Managed to get a little more sleep, then gave up at 5:40 so that I could be ready to give the Executive Director a full weather briefing before the crew meeting. Breakfast at 6 consisted of pancakes, scrambled eggs, one sausage link, raisins, and fruit cocktail with some orange juice.

The event began at 8:00:00 under cloudy, threatening skies. It began to rain after reaching the first check point at mile 36. Roads were wet, and there was plenty of road spray. But, the early morning rain kept temps. down, as did the cloud cover - a great benefit.

Began with the lead pack, with an average of 23.0 mph reaching Checkpoint one. There you have a bottleneck with 70-80 riders all trying to squeeze through four lanes to have your number logged, your card scanned, as well as punched. I was at the back, so by the time I got through, the leaders had reformed and were quickly moving out.

I tried to chase, and with the help of Cassie Schumacher, we started to close the gap. But 2 vs. 30....doesn't work. We gave up after a couple of miles. I then caught Jess Anderson, who also wasn't up to go that fast that early that long, so the three of formed a small pack that gathered three others along the way. That helped, and we quickly traded short pulls, and reached check point two at mile 71 averaging almost 21.0 still.

It did rain one more time after that - again, a blessing! Then it dried out. It remained Jess, Cassie and I and occasionally one or two other for brief periods to check point 3 at mile 96, then to the return to the school - Checkpoint 4 - at 2:00. 121.9 miles in.

Quick potty break, refilled water bottles, snack, and off we went, in a bigger group for Loop 2, 24.0 miles with fewer rollers. I stayed with them until about 8 miles left in that loop, and let them go. And that was probably a good move. I was then largely on my own the rest of the day and night, occasionally getting into a small pace line, but very rarely.

By the end of Loop 2, my first go round, the sun was coming out, and finally it was getting warm. There are a couple of spots on the back side of that loop that you're exposed, and the next two times on that loop, it was getting mighty toasty. I did change gear into dry jersey and bibs, socks, shoes and gloves after the first time through Loop 2. Did 4 in all, finishing about 8:15 or so. I then strapped the light on to my helmet, turned my tail light on, and headed out onto Loop 3, 7.6 miles - a giant rectangle with one downhill, and one uphill right after it on the back corner of the loop.

I managed 21 of the night loops before starting to feel chafing in the nether regions. So I stopped for good around 7 a.m., leaving two more loops on the table.

Through it all, I had probably a dozen baby kosher dills; a pb & j sandwich round, as well as pb & butter sandwich round around 2 in the morning; three slices of pizza; a portion of a backed potato, half of a large order of fries, a banana, a GU packet, one CLIF bar, a few watermelon slices, and one Three Musketeers Bar. Downed numerous Salt Sticks, lots of water, some Tailwinds powdered drink mix (3 to maybe four bottles?), One bottle of gatorade, diet coke, and the secret ingredient - Chicken Broth, and plenty of it. Never cramped once. Legs were getting leaden but still fully functional after sunrise, but the butt still is sore to sit on.

Otherwise, a great event that most anyone in this thread could do, especially Hairkiwi and Krypto, to name a few. It's NOT a race - it's a PERSONAL BEST event. And I beat my personal best by 55 miles this year. And made solid new friends, like Cassie and Jess who are amazing athletes that I do NOT compare to, and they're even BETTER people. Oh, the things I could share about the weekend!

 Krypto member offline
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Specialized Allez
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North Florida Bicycle Club
posted 6/19/2018
at 1:29:10 PM
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LColonelsrollin your the MAN! Nice riding! Don't they hold that National 24-hour challenge in Ohio? I almost drove up there one yr to do that event. I've done Sebring 24 hr three times. Liked it back then but the admission fee now is too expensive for my blood.

ps...look at my profile and see how many miles I beat you by in my best Sebring Race very close.....Good job again!

M - 104.2
A - 15.6
T - 6:41
Route - Down he Coast to Daytona and back home to St Augustine via A1A and John Anderson Pkwy.
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