Bikejournal Blogging Rules Agreement
In order to utilize the blogging feature on bikejournal, you must agree to the following set of rules. These rules are a subset of our forum agreement. They are designed to keep the website respectful of other members.

Offensive/copyrighted material:
Refrain from using any profanity, sexual innuendo, or implied profanities (letters blanked out, etc.).
Links placed into posts should not go to any sites that could be considered offensive.
Do not post images that could be considered offensive and avoid posting copyrighted images.
Do not copy newspaper articles into a post. Provide a link to the article instead, when possible.

Post etiquette:
Be respectful of other members. No personal attacks will be tolerated in your blog. If you have an issue with something posted, please bring it to the attention of the website administrator at, instead of responding to the member directly.

Consequences: If your blog does not follow these rules, the admin reserves the right to remove or edit the blog posting at any time. If any action must be taken, you will be informed via email. If you must be warned several times, your blog may be disabled. Thanks in advance for your consideration and respect of other members.

Please report any rule violations to the website administrator at

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Sean "slantz"

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