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Flatlanders Bicycle Club  
Winnipeg,  Manitoba

Its about the cycling, more is better. A little caveat is that you live in the prairies (it is the Flat Lands you know). I changed the name after I ran into someone and he joked the only hills we have here are highway overpasses, well that settled that! The original three made our year goal, very pleasing indeed, but what's the next goal?
2024 Miles Traveled: 36
5 club members, club admin: OlleBear
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2024 miles
1 OlleBear Winnipeg, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. Marin San Rafael DS.. 36
2 Road_ryder Grandview, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. Gary Fisher Suga.. 0
3 PVHWPG Winnipeg, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. Brodie Bruzza 19.. 0
4 longshanks Winnipeg, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. Giant Roam 1 hard.. 0
5 komosky Winnipeg, MB Flatlanders Bicycle .. GT 3.0 hardtail xc m.. 0

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