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Amici Veloci means "Fast Friends". We began as a diverse group of Northern California women who participate in a women's cycling discussion board on the internet, and share a love for cycling. We formed this team for the Top Hat Classic as a tribute to one of our own who was recently diagnosed with MS, and many of her cycling buddies have joined in too.

In the process we're becoming fast friends - even though some of us have yet to actually meet in person!

2019 Miles Traveled: 109
30 club members, club admin: SadieKate
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2019 miles
1 crazycanuckoz Perth, Australia Team Estrogen Giant ocr1 road 0
2 Trekhawk premier member Perth Hills, Australia Amici Veloci Colnago C50 road 109
3 CandyGirl California Amici Veloci Novara 26" comfort 0
4 Emeraldaxe California Amici Veloci Trek road 0
5 Mostly_Martha California Amici Veloci Bianchi Milano 26" c.. 0
6 snapdragen California Amici Veloci other road private
7 ThomD California Amici Veloci Rivendell Rambouill.. 0
8 Veronica California Amici Veloci Rivendell Legola.. 0
9 aka_kim Concord, CA Amici Veloci Airborne Zeppeli.. 0
10 Petunia Folsom, CA Amici Veloci Bianchi Axis cyclocr.. 0
11 veloroaster Folsom, CA Bicycle Planet Guru Carbonio road 0
12 maillotpois Mill Valley, CA Amici Veloci Pegoretti Love #.. 0
13 five_one Morgan Hill, CA Amici Veloci Serotta Coeur D'Aci.. 0
14 BikerZ Oakland, CA Team Estrogen Seven Alaris Ti r.. 0
15 g32ski Rancho Cord.., CA Amici Veloci GT avalanche 2.0 har.. 0
16 Summer_Girl Sacramento, CA Amici Veloci Specialized Dolce ro.. 0
17 mmann964 San Jose, CA Team Estrogen Merlin Camena roa.. 0
18 Jet767 Sonoma, CA Amici Veloci Bianchi Vigorell.. 0
19 cindysue Walnut Cree.., CA Amici Veloci Orbea Dama Race r.. 0
20 Tater88 Idaho The Senior Tour Kelson road 0
21 pyxichick Minneapolis, MN Velo Bella Cannondale R700 road 0
22 GT premier member Dayton, NV Amici Veloci Bianchi San Jose .. 0
23 mtkitchn premier member Williamstown, NJ Crybaby Club REI Novara Rando.. 0
24 Xrayted Oregon Team Estrogen Novara Carema Pro ro.. 0
25 IzaakThePoodle Bend, OR Amici Veloci custom built unicyc.. 0
26 SadieKate Bend, OR Amici Veloci Spectrum Super Ti ro.. 0
27 WrenchBoy Bend, OR Amici Veloci Seven Elium road 0
28 yellow Salt Lake C.., UT Amici Veloci Bob Jackson Mixt.. private
29 Velobambina Arlington, VA Amici Veloci Bianchi Eros Donna r.. private
30 jtrides511 Richmond, VA Team Estrogen Colnago road 0

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