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5000 mile race in 2008  

For riders who have never ridden 5000 miles in one year before, but would like to try! Join before April 1st.

2024 Miles Traveled: 936
10 club members, club admin: lph
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2024 miles
1 Chaco Encinitas, CA 5000 mile race in 20.. Rans Stratus XP lwb .. 0
2 petitepower Australia team bikejournal Baum Ristretto T.. 0
3 nogas Wakefield, MA 5000 mile race in 20.. K2 Merge road 936
4 AngryKensei Fredericksbu.., VA Fredericksburg Cycli.. Motobecane Immor.. 0
5 MGskii Germantown, TN Memphis Hightailers Specialized Roubaix .. 0
6 Super_Matt Texas Corinth Cycling Club Specialized Tarmac r.. 0
7 aTheophilus Fort Worth, TX International Christ.. Trek 5200 road 0
8 djbrkns Portland, OR Commuter Cycling Cen.. Trek Portland roa.. 0
9 menash Israel Commuter Cycling Cen.. XACD standard ro.. 0
10 teboj1118 Naples, FL Catrike Expediti.. private

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