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Tortoise Racing  
North Texas ,  USA

Tortoise Racing is a sponsored racing team of mountain bikers that race in the North TX region. Fear the Tortoise!
2020 Miles Traveled: 0
10 club members, club admin: toddgray13
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2020 miles
1 BobbyBates Aubrey, TX Tortoise Racing Fuji Team road 0
2 Cotton Texas Tortoise Racing Specialized Allez ro.. 0
3 gortex Argyle, TX Tortoise Racing Trek Top Fuel 8 full.. 0
4 Green9203 Round Rock, TX Corinth Cycling Club BH Ultralight RC roa.. private
5 OneLapWonder Argyle, TX Tortoise Racing Specialized Epic Ex.. 0
6 randycook10 Farmersville, TX Tortoise Racing Look 555 road 0
7 SimpleMan Mckinney, TX Tortoise Racing Specialized Epic ful.. 0
8 toddgray13 Denton, TX Corinth Cycling Club Trek 5000 road 0
9 Underdog Denton, TX Corinth Cycling Club Specialized Epic Al.. 0
10 usualsuspect Grapevine, TX Tortoise Racing Cannondale full .. 0

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