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Seattle,  Washington  98060

Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. Participation in randonneuring events is part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring.
2020 Miles Traveled: 1,397
33 club members, club admin: petertwo
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2020 miles
1 duncanjames Kirkland, WA 'BentRider Recumbent.. Bacchetta Corsa s.. 0
2 BikeTherapy Bremerton, WA cascade bicycle club.. LeMond cyclocross r.. 0
3 oxblood Seattle, WA cascade bicycle club.. Scott AFD 303 roa.. 0
4 Oldairhead Cedar City, UT Color Country Cyclin.. Co-Motion Nor'weste.. 0
5 tanguero Beaverton, OR Commuter Cycling Cen.. Trek Domane ALR .. 0
6 raleighdon Seattle, WA Cycle Time Century Davidson Custom .. 0
7 ranigirl Carrollton, TX Lone Star Randonneur.. Litespeed siena road 0
8 nuitsblanches Seattle, WA Native Planet Outdoo.. Bacchetta Strada .. 0
9 orangecomo Seattle, WA Redmond Cycling Club Co-Motion Nor'We.. 0
10 DharmaDog Burnaby, BC Sacramento Bike Hike.. Calfee Tetra 44 .. 11,384
11 tracypaul North Vanco.., BC Seattle Internationa.. Specialized Roubaix.. 0
12 ov Washington Seattle Internationa.. Novara Randonee road private
13 jim_carson Washington Seattle Internationa.. Bike Friday road 0
14 TommyL Bellingham, WA Seattle Internationa.. Curtlo Custom roa.. 0
15 16248bike Bremerton, WA Seattle Internationa.. Cannondale synapse r.. 0
16 whidbeyboy Clinton, WA Seattle Internationa.. Airborne Manhatten .. 0
17 OKSUREWHYNOT Fall City, WA Seattle Internationa.. Litespeed Ultimate .. 0
18 Northwestrider premier member Gig Harbor, WA Seattle Internationa.. Ritchey cyclocro.. 1,397
19 timbob55 Maple Valle.., WA Seattle Internationa.. Trek 5500 road 0
20 7at50 Mountlake T.., WA Seattle Internationa.. Seven Muse road 0
21 JMOlympia Olympia, WA Seattle Internationa.. Soma road 0
22 papawizo Olympia, WA Seattle Internationa.. Eddy Merckx Ti AX ro.. private
23 CNussbaum Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Litespeed Antares ro.. 0
24 drbianchi Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Dean El Diente C.. 0
25 GreatDane71 Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Roberts Audax road 0
26 Jansenh Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. custom built Rossma.. 0
27 LeGrandFromage Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Davidson Custom road 0
28 legranfromage Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Davidson road 0
29 Legranseniore Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Davidson Custom Roa.. 0
30 petertwo Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Davidson Ti w/ C.. 0
31 RNussbaum Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Litespeed Custom tan.. 0
32 sente Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Serotta Coeur d'Aci.. 0
33 tonyscat Seattle, WA Seattle Internationa.. Cervelo P3Cruise.. 0

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