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Riders (7806 views)
 How do I remove my account from bikejournal? (1057 views)
 How do I get a picture of my bike on the website? (986 views)
 How do I view other membersí profiles? (809 views)
 What is the mileage comparison option? (681 views)
 Is there a way to search for another member? (663 views)
 What is the private data option? (642 views)
 What is the default bike selection? (634 views)
 How do I change my username? (618 views)
 How do I add bikes to my profile? (608 views)
 How do I edit my profile? (593 views)
 How do I view my profile? (549 views)
Journal (6220 views)
 How do I add ride entries to my journal? (1675 views)
 What is the max speed total mean? (899 views)
 Can I change my ride information after entering it? (810 views)
 How do I save a copy of my journal to a file? (769 views)
 How do I delete rides from my journal? (762 views)
 How do I view my journal from a previous year? (748 views)
 Why do some columns in my journal not have a total? (732 views)
Login (4953 views)
 What is the auto-login feature? (902 views)
 Why should I logout? (841 views)
 What if I forgot my password? (840 views)
 How do I save my login information so I donít have to re-enter it each time I visit bikejournal? (828 views)
 How do I log in as a different rider? (802 views)
 What if I forgot my username? (769 views)
Forum (4252 views)
 How do I add a new subject (thread) to the forum? (892 views)
 What are the forum rules? (812 views)
 How do I edit a post in the forum? (686 views)
 How do I respond to a thread (post) I the forum? (682 views)
 How do I remove a post from the forum? (636 views)
 How do I remove a thread from the forum? (553 views)
Clubs (3618 views)
 Why is slantz my club admin? (928 views)
 How do I login to my club? (721 views)
 What is a club admin? (714 views)
 How do I join a club? (652 views)
 How do I add news to my club area? (618 views)
Stats (3480 views)
 Why does the mileage total in my journal and my mileage total in the stat tables not match? (974 views)
 What are the numbers in parenthesis next to the other ridersí mileage in the tables? (898 views)
 How do I view graphs of my ride stats? (814 views)
 What are the individual stats? (813 views)
Chat (2476 views)
 How do I chat with other members? (673 views)
 Why isnít the chat window opening? (641 views)
 What software do I need to use the chat? (614 views)
 Why am I showing up in as being in the chat, even after I closed the chat window? (548 views)
Premier Membership (2351 views)
 What is premier membership? (1567 views)
 How do I become a premier member? (830 views)
Links (2009 views)
 How do I add a link? (732 views)
 How do I edit a link? (722 views)
 How do I delete a link? (555 views)
General (1927 views)
 How do I get around bikejournal? (694 views)
 How do I make a suggestion? (619 views)
 Who do I contact if I am experiencing difficulties or have a question? (614 views)
Advertising (977 views)
 Can I advertise on bikejournal? (995 views)
Routes (940 views)
 How do I add a map? (942 views)
Site Policies (823 views)
 What is your privacy policy? (825 views)
Miscellaneous (701 views)
 How to I get a link to my local weather forecast? (701 views)
Organized Rides (668 views)
 How do I add an organized ride? (668 views)
Store (643 views)
 How do I access the bikejournal store? (643 views)
Shops (612 views)
 How do I add a shop? (612 views)

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