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50 Minute Trainer in Eden, MD - submitted by eastern1
35 Minutes Trainer in Eden, MD - submitted by eastern1
2np. 1rudlM+, 1NA in - submitted by preston
Home-4-Ver-Orc-Mil-4-SA-LV-Mt-Bon-SDC-Al... in - submitted by 1roadrunner
Corona - SB in - submitted by dpdq
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 2024 Total Distance Stats
Rank Rider Location Distance (Miles)
1 dnicho1 the villages, FL 9696
2 DharmaDog FolsomCA/OlympiaWA/BurnabyBC, BC 8478
3 teamtiny Mesa, AZ 8400
4 hairykiwi Dunedin, FL 7874
5 Zoic64
Dallas, GA 7861
769 jtbear Littleton, CO 50
770 stoker Castle Rock, CO 45
771 slantz
Belvidere, IL 44
772 stonehedg.. San Antonio , TX 41
773 folsomste.. folsom, CA 41
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 Top Clubs 2024 Distance
Club Location Distance (Miles)
1 Sumter Landing Bicycle Club The Villages, FL 157738
2 Richmond Area Bicycling Association
Richmond, VA 102704
3 Sacramento Bike Hikers Sacramento, CA 36729
4 Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club Tempe, AZ 29750
5 'BentRider Recumbent Club International 27431
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