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Centerburg, Ohio
Club Affiliations: Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
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Major Taylor Cycling Club - Columbus, OH
Road Category: Citizen
CX Category: Citizen
NORBA Class: Sport
Member Since: November 2006
1 Year | 5 Year
Distance Chart
2016 Total: 12212.4 miles 2017 Total: 11351.23 miles 2018 Total: 12169.097 miles 2019 Total: 12707.8599999999 miles 2020 Total: 7673.31000000003 miles 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 12708 6354 0
2020 Miles Traveled: 7,673
2020 Rank: # 19 of 1,534 riders
(includes indoor rides)
Lifetime Odometer: 141,554 miles

15 years road biking. Last 12 years getting serious. Ride at least 100 miles a week. Will be targeting to average 150 to 180. Ride all year. STILL want to loose 10 more pounds. Broke frame on 2007 Madone. Trek gave discount for 2014 Emonda SLR. Update 6/6/19- lost xx pounds 1/5/2019 FINALLY MADE #1 WORKING VERY HARD OUTSIDE AND INSIDE ON TRAINER- 72.2 TOTAL MILES TODAY! 
click to enlarge 2019 Trek 2019 Madone 6.9
Road bike
Description:  WOW. Disc, eTap, XXXAeolus, WOW

2020 Odometer: 532.2 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 563.2 miles

click to enlarge 2018 Trek 2018 Madone 6.9
Road bike
Description:  WOW! This is an amazing bike! Sram eTap, power meter, responsive, fast, comfortable, great flat bars, YELLOW! Awesome bike!

2020 Odometer: 72.5 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 1,316.9 miles

click to enlarge 2014 Trek 2014 Emonda SLR
Road bike
Description:  Light and stiff. Very nice bike!

2020 Odometer: 258.5 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 4,161.6 miles

click to enlarge 1999 Trek USPS 5500
Road bike
Description:  Used but nice USPS replica. Sweet.

2020 Odometer: 184.2 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 3,200.4 miles

click to enlarge 2001 Trek USPS 5900
Road bike
Description:  Nice bike. Just got on ebay. Sweet

2020 Odometer: 6,626.0 miles
Lifetime Odometer: 17,643.8 miles

click to enlarge 2010 Trek 2010 6.9 Madone
Road bike
Description:  White, Project ONE, SWEET.

Lifetime Odometer: 9,579.7 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Bianchi 2008 928 Bianchi
Road bike
Description:  Nice bike got from a good friend. Campagnolo 11 speed. A little heavier than my other bikes, but interestingly fast. Nice aluminum wheels.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,323.9 miles

click to enlarge 2005 Trek 7200
Road bike
Description:  Nice easy road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 77,855.4 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Trek 2007 Madone 6.9
Road bike
Description:  OCLV55 Carbon

Lifetime Odometer: 13,922.4 miles

click to enlarge 2006 Trek Madone 5.5
Road bike
Description:  Chi Red, light, fast (fast if it only had a person who could ride it)

Lifetime Odometer: 2,960.5 miles

click to enlarge 2005 Trek 1500
Road bike
Description:  Updated bike-6.9 Madone wheel set, Look Keo pedals, and nice WTB seat -Wow, what a difference. Now a really cool and nice winter bike! Use only outside.

Lifetime Odometer: 8,638.3 miles

2008 Trek Calipso
Road bike
Description:  Very nice bike-Wife received f

Lifetime Odometer: 326.1 miles
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