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Castle Hill, Nsw, Australia
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Member Since: November 2007 5 Year Distance Chart
2020 km Traveled: 0
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Lifetime Odometer: 94,633 km

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Started riding outdoors in Oct 2007 after enjoying spin cycle classes at the gym and haven't looked back. Had a huge 14000+km year in 2010 but have dropped off a lot in 2011. Also had a slow and lazy 2012 until Sept when I had another get fit stint. Back into regular commuting from the end of 2012 of 3-4 days a week and trying to build up my km and fitness again to a good level. Building backup up, just under 10000km in 2013 and 13000km in 2014 with most of December off due to Tabitha's impending (at the time) arrival. Slow start in 2015 with 170km in Jan but as of Mar 10 making up for it with 1900km on the clock so far. 12000km goal for 2015 but hoping to smash that. Member of North Western Sydney Cycling Club (recreational) so hope to get time for weekend rides/events. Doing the Bobbin Head Classic ride in March too. 
click to enlarge 1999 Specialized Allez
Road bike

Purchased (for a case of Blonde): 14102015.

Frame from Cameron Saunders, ex-warranty frame and repaired (drive side chainstay/seatstay junction). 58cm but just fits me. Built up a few weeks later
02042016 - 382.9km - Built up with the 6600 groupset, but replaced RD with a new RD-6700 medium cage and CS-4700 32-11.

Lifetime Odometer: 573.7 km

700 x 23C generic A-Class ALX330 wheel (unknown history), front, 574 km
700 x 23C Continental GP4000S (140313), front, 574 km
700 x 23C generic A-Class ALX330 wheel (unknown history), rear, 574 km
700 x 23C Continental GP4000S (140313), rear, 574 km
Shimano CN-7800 10 speed, 548 km
Shimano CS-4700 11-32 10 speed, 191 km
Shimano SM-BBR60 11 speed, 574 km
Shimano 6600 53/39 175mm crank/chainrings 10 speed, 3,569 km

click to enlarge 2010 Salsa Casseroll
Road bike
Description:  Purchased 030210
Current lube: ProGold ProLink
200210 - 309km - removed chain guard.
080410 - 819km - replaced OEM Shimano 18T freewheel with White Industries 18T ENO freewheel
300510 - 1510km - replaced both pairs of OEM Tektro brake pads with Shimano BR-7900 C55C3 as the originals were completely worn out with wet commuting
220910 - 1997km - rear wheel bearings replaced under warranty at Avantiplus after getting notchy and very noisy at speed.
031212 - 3536km - adjusted bearings one front wheel after a little side to side play became apparent
020413 - 3731km - removed original Sugino BB and cranks set. Installed old 6600 crank from Corsa with a new outboard 6700 BB. Orig 48T Sugino chainring back on.
290813 - 4300km - new Koolstop Salmon brake pads on F and R
020913 - 4352km - new brake cables (inners and outers), Selle Italia bar tape
200414 - 4945km - new trials freewheel and self-built Mavic Open Pro/Surly hub wheels on, New Shimano brake levers and calipers, new Salsa brown bar tape
210614 - 5924km - replaced chain with cracked side plate and serviced crank/BB (removed regreased BB). Water was trapped in the BB (not in the frame). Dried this out and reassembled.
070315 - 6304km - pretty much complete rebuild to 10-speed Ultegra 6700 groupset. Only saddle, seat post, frame, fork and brake calipers have been retained. New Dura-Ace brake pads on.
20150314 - 6575km - swapped 5800 pedals to Quantum and 6700 pedals on. Ritchie brown saddle on.
20150411 - 7860km - Mr Tuffy tyre liners on the rear. Hopefully reduce glass flats with the Grand Prix Classics
20150508 - 8943km - installed new Gyes leather saddle, and firm but comfy from the first ride.
20150519 - 9225km - SKS mudguards installed
20150523 - 9496km - left hand Third Eye mirror installed, Kool Stop salmon pads installed and longer rear brake outer to solve too-short problem. Shimano pads swapped out after wet weather wear at 3192km. Tested chain wear - still in between 0.5% and 0.75% so OK.
20160313 - 13264.3km - replaced RD-6700SS with GS, swapped 11-23 6700 cassette to 11-32 4700 and new CN-7800 with no links removed. Tubus Carry Ti rack on (same as the Tricross).
20160725 - 14496.5km - replaced BB6700 after 10765km, the drive side was destroyed and it appeared that water got in. The frame itself seemed ok, the water was contained in the BB/plastic tube part.
20160920 - 15673km - RD gear cable, DA7800 chain worn past 0.75%, replaced with a 9701 (kept the same Connex link), DA chain only lasted 2500km

Lifetime Odometer: 17,089.4 km

700 x 23C generic 32H 5700 hub, Open Pro CD rim, DT Swiss spokes, front, 6,311 km
700 x 25C Continental Gator Hardshell (160711), front, 911 km
700 x 23C generic 32H 5700 hub, Open Pro CD rim, DT Swiss spokes, rear, 6,311 km
700 x 25C Continental Gator Hardshell (160711), rear, 911 km
Shimano CS-4700 11-32 10 speed, 1,281 km
Shimano SM-BBR60 11 speed, 2,593 km
Shimano 6701 10 speed, 1,416 km
Shimano 53/39 Ultegra 6700 175mm crank/chainrings 10 speed, 10,785 km

click to enlarge 2011 Avanti Quantum
Road bike
Description:  New replacement fork/frame for cracked Corsa frame on 20130402

Build and first ride (test): 12/04/2013
Current lube: ProGold ProLink
20130630 - 1250km - new saddle Selle Italia SLR Super Flow 145 and 120mm -10 deg Easton white stem installed
20130714 - 1604km - new 6700 levers, brakes, pedals, RD. Orig 6600 12-23 cassette (2300km used), new 6600 chain, new 53/39 6600 chainrings, new inner and outer cables, Selle Italia Smootape bar wrap.
20130921 - 2348km - service rear RS30 hub due to sideways play. Slight pitting non drive side cone. Time for Open Pro/Ultegra wheel build.....
20130924 - 2441km - rear hub very rough so off came the RS30 and my 105/Open Pro 36H on. Also creaking from headset so pulled apart, cleaned, re-greased and reassembled.
20131013 - 3006km - build wheels set with 32H 5700 hubs, DT Swiss straight gauge spokes and Mavic Open Pro rims. Installed (removed the front RS30 and 36H Open Pro for spares).
20131102 - 3271km - rejigged steerer spacers (added new ones) and reset headset as it was creaking again.
20131127 - 3931km - reset headset again after it came loose. Used friction grease on the expander to see if that helps keep it all together.
20131228 - 4600km - upgrade 6700 crankset on, 6600 off.
20140128 - 5414km - crash due to rock hit with front wheel. Retrued wheel and removed dent. New bar tape (new hoods coming). Replaced front brake outer with correct length and new inner while the tape was off.
20140208 - 5562km - found RHS drop of bar bent due to crash. Replaced bar (including new bar tape again) and swapped hoods with replacements as well.
20140316 - 6330km - serviced crank/BB and headset. Tensioned up rear wheel to close to max recommended (range 17-28 Nm - drive side about 27 and non-drive about 20-22).
20140621 - 8110km - trued both wheels as they both needed a bit of TLC.
20140726 - 9549km - orig SM-BB91-41B replaced with same part to hopefully stop crank clicking (still clicking!!)
20140729 - 9651.2km - RD cable was fraying on last two rides, almost snapped on morning commute. Replaced at work. Approx 4100km on that cable.
20141024 - 11888km - replaced RD cable. Only 2237km with it. No fraying but it solved my 4-5 gears in middle of cassette issue.
20150208 - 14265km - removed reseated BB (same one) with approx 4716km on it. No change, creaking still present.
20150307 - 15491km - new Mavic wheels on and new Dura Ace brake pads
20150314 - 15585km - swapped 6700 pedals to Casseroll and 5800 pedals on
20150411 - 15786km - swapped stem (120mm to 110mm) saddle, post and bottle holders - now green is the feature colour. Mr Tuffy liner on the rear.

Lifetime Odometer: 19,736.5 km

700 x 23C generic 32 H 5700 hub, Open Pro blk rim, DT Swiss spokes, front, 4,113 km
700 x 23C Continental GP4000S (140630), front, 445 km
700 x 23C generic 32 H 5700 hub, Open Pro blk rim, DT Swiss spokes, rear, 4,114 km
700 x 23C Continental GP 4000S (131228), rear, 3,950 km
Shimano SM-BB91-41B 10 speed, 10,187 km
Shimano 6701 10 speed, 1,119 km
Shimano CS-6700 11-28 10 speed, 1,119 km
Shimano 53/39 Ultegra 6700 172.5mm crank/chainrings 10 speed, 15,114 km

click to enlarge 2009 Specialized Tricross Comp
Cyclocross Road bike
Description:  Purchased 071208
Current lube: ProGold ProLink
Note: Archived older data from 220109 to 131209
221209 - 7799km - regreased/retightened BB and crank to resolve knocking noise
080110 - 8187 km - replaced frayed RD cable after inbound commute
260110 - 8799km - replaced both set pads with Koolstop Salmon. Front XTRs worn out after 2095km but rears had 40-50% wear.
060210 - 8932km - installed new RD hanger and Ultegra 6700 Med cage RD after destroying old one in a bad gear shift. Replaced cassette and chain during repair due to wear for both.
060310 - 9567km - installed new 6700 FD plus 6700 11-28 cassette.
270610 - 11924km - replaced chain (on to 5th) as it was close to 1% wear
280610 - 11975km - checked RD cable and fraying had just started. Replaced cable with 3788km of use.
050910 - 13692km - borrowing Hope hub/Mavic rim wheels of Pete's for a month's testing. His tyres, my cassette.
060910 - 13744km - new Avid Shorty 6 canti brakes installed plus 2 x brake cables
170910 - 14300km - Gibbo's wheels off, Rovals on
190910 - 14300km - Gibbo's wheels back on for last week of use
250910 - 14453km - Gibbo's wheels off, Rovals back on
041010 - 14659km - new 50/34 chainrings on, new chain with Connex link
171010 - 15068km - Rovals off, Gibbo's wheels on
311010 - 15438km - replaced Gibbo's rear 23mm All Cond tyre worn to the red layer with my 25mm All Cond tyre
271110 - 15642km - new 36-hole Mavic Open Pro/105 hub wheel on rear
141210 - 15873km - replaced 5600 shifters with 6700 following right-hand having cable end buried and stuck. Also removed inline brake levers during upgrade.
150311 - 17345km - replaced Avid pads with Koolstop Salmons
111211 - 19389km - replaced worn Koolstop Salmons with Koolstop blacks
271012 - 20373km - new chain, new Selle Italia XO saddle, cassette over 9000km but trying with new chain
301012 - 20421km - swapped cassette as the old one slipped under pressure for today's commute
101212 - 21199km - RHS RD cable frayed in shifter. Replaced. 5326km on this cable.
030313 - 22166km - new brake pads on front and back (Swissstop green) plus had Gibbo retrue rear (36H 105/OpenPro)
071013 - 24603km - swapped out FD-6700 with crack in cage to orig FD-5600
301213 - 24679km - completely rebuilt the 540/105 wheels myself. Much less buckle than Gibbo's orig build.
070114 - 24760km - reseated bar, greased bolts, etc to remove creak
080214 - 25117km - Shimano CX70 cantilever callipers on with stock pads. Approx 3000km from the Kool Stop greens with plenty left.
160314 - 25835km - replaced 5600 FD with 6700 FD and braze on adapter plus FD cable.
16102015 - 27724km - new BB, chain, FD cable. Replaced Topeak rack with Tubus Ti rack and new fenders.
03042016 - 31965.7km - new Ritchie classic bar and stem, new Zefal rear guard after other fender snapped at BB bolt (lasted about 5200km), all new Lifeline cable inners/outers.

Lifetime Odometer: 35,261.1 km

700 x 23C Continental Gator Hardshell (20150903), front, 3,295 km
700 x 23C generic DT Swiss 540 rim, 105 hub, DT Swiss spoke wheel, front, 12,134 km
700 x 23C generic DT Swiss 540 rim, 105 hub, DT Swiss spk rear wheel, rear, 12,134 km
700 x 23C Continental Gator Hardshell (20150903), rear, 1,269 km
Connex 10S8 10 speed, 3,179 km
generic FSA Gossamer MegaExo chain rings (50/34) 10 speed 10 speed, 20,602 km
generic FSA Megaexo BB 10 speed, 7,536 km
Shimano CS-5700 11-28 cassette 10 speed, 4,601 km

click to enlarge 2015 Cell Fixie
Single Speed Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 151.3 km

700 x 23C generic Open Pro silv rim, Surly hub, DT Swiss spoke wheel, front, 1,510 km
700 x 23C Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Evolution V-Guard, front, 151 km
700 x 23C generic Open Pro silv rim, Surly hub, DT Swiss spoke wheel, rear, 1,510 km
700 x 23C Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Evolution V-Guard, rear, 151 km
generic Surly 48 tooth chainring (stainless steel) single speed, 151 km
KMC Z99 9 speed, 531 km
Shimano BB 6700 10 speed, 151 km
White Industries ENO Trials 18T freewheel single speed, 1,510 km

click to enlarge 2008 Avanti Corsa (Warranty Replaced)
Road bike
Description:  Purchased 020408
Current lube: ProGold ProLink
First service on 200608 @ 1365km.
130708 - 2486km - Swapped cassette from the original 12-23 to a 12-27.
040808 - 2nd service @ 3272km and chain replaced. Using Connex 10-speed link.
240908 - 4661 km - after a couple of weeks of increasingly dodgy shifting the RD cable snapped completely. Fixed by Hills Avantiplus.
151108 - swapped out Ultegra chain with Dura-Ace at 5932 km. Old chain has done 2660km at time of removal.
261108 - 6251 km - riding home from work I lost trim. Avantiplus replaced FD cable (fraying in shifter).
150109 - 7444km. Dropped in for service. 0.75% wear on Dura-Ace chain.
270209 - 8110km - replaced original Ultegra brake pads with Dura-Ace (front and rear)
210309 - 8290km - replaced rear brake cable due to corrosion on original.
120609 - 8983km - replaced chain and cassette
270609 - 8983km - (still) - replaced RD cable as it snapped before a ride (after fraying)
130809 - 9359km - replaced R561 wheelset with RS30 wheelset due to cracks in rear rim around spoke holes.
290810 - 12772km - replaced RD cable mid-ride due to random shifting (frayed in shifter)
170910 - 12776km - RS30 wheels off, Gibbo's wheels on
190910 - 12869km - Gibbo's wheels off, RS30s on
250910 - 12869km - RS30s off, Gibbo's wheels on.
171010 - 13119km - Gibbo's wheels off, RS30s on
271010 - 13152km - overhauled rear hub and used cone from R561 hub (RS30 had 3793km on it)
150211 - 14243km - installed 6600 chain that did 982km on the Tricross (after swapping to Connex chain on that bike)
220211 - 14406km - new Selle Italia XO saddle to replace original (found crack after removing it)
020411 - 14742km - RD cable all but snapped so replaced after ride
300711 - 14909km - cut down steerer to remove cracked section (stem flipped up now)
080912 - 15560km - replaced RD cable after finding fraying (slight) in old cable
05032013 - 16862km - found crack in frame and it was replaced with a Quantum frame under warranty by Top Ryde Avantiplus in March/April 2013

Lifetime Odometer: 16,862.5 km

click to enlarge 2008 Avanti Blade 2.0 (Sold)
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  Purchased: October 20th 2007
In Jan 2008 the rear wheel was respoked due to 3 previous breakages.
Jan/Feb 2008 - bike was off the road for two weeks. LBS respoked again after the new spokes kept breaking. They also upgraded the rear hub to Deore.
160408: 4506km - Full service (third) and gear cables replaced with Shimano cables.
060109 - flipped stem down and put all 3 spacers on top. Rides well.
12/11/09 - sold to work colleague Guy Jones

Lifetime Odometer: 4,689.0 km

2013 Pivot Mach 429 (borrowed)
Full Susp XC 29er Mtn bike
Description:  Borrowed from Gibbo (Richard's bike) on 15/6/13 for The Oaks single track)

Lifetime Odometer: 29.6 km

2009 Specialized Enduro SL Comp (Borrowed)
Trail/All Mountain bike
Description:  Peter Gibson's bike - borrowed for 2009 Highland Fling event.

Lifetime Odometer: 110.8 km
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