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Lifetime Odometer: 515,323 miles

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I've been meaning to update this but wondering if anyone even bothers to read them.

Am I wasting my time?? 
click to enlarge 2003 Mongoose dx 4.0
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  I dont have this one any more. I didn't really like the way it felt even with the shock fork and larger tires, the steel frames seemed much smother (and faster!!)

Lifetime Odometer: 24,696.6 miles

click to enlarge 1988 Fuji Sagres
Road bike
Description:  Well I dont have this one anymore but I kinda like the pic
those are 62 & 52t chainrings on 175 crank arms

Lifetime Odometer: 44,561.6 miles

700 x 28C Michelin Transworld City, front, 40,659 miles
700 x 28C Michelin Transworld City, rear, 40,659 miles

click to enlarge 1983 Peugeot PH-10
Road bike
Description:  Extreme overdose of the bumper of an 80 something chevy truck while under the influence of 20 mph speeds, teen degree weather, no eye protection, and the desire to get back faster has resulted in the retirement of this bike

found a bike in Salvation Army thrift store, I asked what they wanted for it, and the lady said it would take too much work to get it working and I could take it no charge.
I cleaned it up, put on a new (longer) chain, new tires & tubes and off I went! I have the original front derailer and close to era for the rear

Lifetime Odometer: 1,669.2 miles

Schwinn High Sierra
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Year: -OLD, 1980 something

Red. the work horse, hauling everything from 40 pound bags of dog. food to 8 and ten foot long boards of lumber
has road chainrings and great tires(IMHO).

Lifetime Odometer: 7,916.7 miles

26 x 1.75 Michelin country rock, front, 7,730 miles
26 x 1.75 Michelin country rock, rear, 7,730 miles
SRAM  single speed, 7,730 miles

click to enlarge 1972 Crescent 
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 24,425.2 miles

Schwinn Sierra
XC Mountain bike
Description:  Year: 1980-'85 somewhere in there
lifetime odometerI'm sure there are plenty of miles on this bike but I am only responsible for 247 at the time i am placing this here. Give me time I know I will be adding more

Lifetime Odometer: 247.0 miles

click to enlarge 1981 Peugeot 
Road bike
Description:  Black luged frame
64cm frame I feel like I'm head and shoulders above the pack

Lifetime Odometer: 8,461.9 miles

Hardtail XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 67.2 miles

Specialized rockhopper
XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 37.1 miles

click to enlarge 1976 Raleigh Record
Road bike
Description:  currently undergoing makeover

Lifetime Odometer: 5,752.7 miles

27 x 1-1/8 Vittoria , front, 0 miles
27 x 1-1/8 Vittoria , rear, 0 miles

click to enlarge KHS 
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:  bare frame. no paint, no fork, no nuttin...


Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles

Full Susp XC Mountain bike
Description:  in process of repaint

Lifetime Odometer: 2.1 miles

click to enlarge Marco 
Road bike
Description:  other rescued bike with years -no- decades of grime on original components and badly faded paint
new paint job -I know, I still have a lot of work to do on this one

Lifetime Odometer: 8,437.1 miles
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