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Elgin, Illinois
Club Affiliations: Commuter Cycling Century
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Member Since: September 2003
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Lifetime Odometer: 39,869 miles

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2010 Specialized Crosstrail
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  Picture to follow. This bike replaces the 2008 Crosstrail. The fork, stem, handlebars, drive train, seatr, and wheels where all transferred over from the 2008 Crosstrail.

Lifetime Odometer: 2,190.1 miles

click to enlarge 2007 Specialized TriCross
Touring Road bike
Description:  Purchased new on July 27, 2007
The "Tri" in Tricross stands for urban, cyclocross, and adventure touring. In short, it's just a sturdy-built utility bike that can be ridden anywhere and carry a load to boot.

  • Shimano Ultegra 52-39-30 chainrings
  • IRD Elite Road 10-speed Cassette (11-32)
  • Shimano XT long-cage rear derailleur
  • Hand-built 36-spoke wheels laced 4-cross
  • DT Swiss TK 7.1 rims with SS spokes and brass nipples
  • Shimano Ultegra hubs front & rear
  • Specialized Armadillo Elite tires (700-32)
  • Thompson Elite seatpost
  • Brooks Champion B-17 saddle
  • Areolite areo bars by Profile Design

    Lifetime Odometer: 2,763.7 miles

  • click to enlarge 2008 Specialized Crosstrail (Retired)
    700c Hybrid bike
    Description:  Retired in July 2009 due to damage to the starboard chainstay.

    Lifetime Odometer: 5,324.5 miles

    click to enlarge 2005 Fitnex B50
    Stationary bike
    Description:  Upright stationary bike with magnetic resistance.
    Six built-in programs and 16 levels of resistance. Feedback includes time, weight, watts, program level, distance, RPM, speed, heart rate, calories and average speed.

    Lifetime Odometer: 4,962.5 miles

    click to enlarge 2004 Precor C-846i-U
    Stationary bike
    Description:  Upright magnetic resistance exercise bike. Used at The Centre Gym in Elgin, IL.

    Lifetime Odometer: 398.0 miles

    click to enlarge 2003 Schwinn Voyageur GSX
    700c Hybrid bike
    Description:  RETIRED ON AUGUST 17, 2008.

    Purchase new in May of 2003.
    19 inch aluminum frame, upgraded to a triple crank set (52/39/30) with a 11-32 9-speed cassette
    Set up with racks, fenders, bags, SPD pedals, and lights for commuting.

    Lifetime Odometer: 25,191.3 miles

    click to enlarge 2004 Specialized Sequoia Comp
    Road bike
    Description:  RETIRED: Traded in on July 27, 2007.

    Lifetime Odometer: 2,414.7 miles

    click to enlarge unknown make Borrowed / Rental
    Road bike
    Description:   Borrowed & Rental Bikes

    Lifetime Odometer: 93.1 miles

    click to enlarge 9999 Guess who I know on BikeJournal.....
    Vintage bike
    123 members that I have met:
    ********** 1960 **********
    **********1969 **********
    ********** 1973 **********
    ********** 2001 **********
    ********** 2003 **********
    Slantz, Kitkat, hds3, Skip, Markman, deplex, Broken_Wrist, Sieglick, TG
    ********** 2004 **********
    Peaches, parrothead, CarpeBikem, mda, jwg, omm, Cliff, RKowalczyk, dlf, Kincannondale Kin, ShadowCat SambraGato GlassCat, Schottcycle Did, Bill, N7CZinMT Zin, PKQ, Royshiro, Rob01, JohnnyE, JohnnyD, Chico, SouthernYankee, TexasBikeLady, Zurichman, Bartman, hwyone, lucine, MikeMagnuson, mnscott, okteckman, Reproman, Rookie, safeman9, TalimenaTammy, Campy_Snob
    ********** 2005 **********
    BikeBozone, buckeyebiker, Cin, daveazbc, HIGuy, kirkej, Rose1, mrlucine_Joe, pigman, russtaitai, RustyRoadie, RustieStoker, Suracote, TailwindTom, XANGOMAN, ZenLC, Fallenover (Redsfan), sheriE, Onno, BowWow, jmgonzales, carpe_bikem
    ********** 2006 **********
    Papalo11, Mrs_deplex, TrekP1, velosaururex, beertruck, bigfoot, bikermonkey, brokenspoke, deadhead, GeeWizMan, IBrokeYourSpoke, k8bikes, mary9761, maschwab, merckxduerks, mrprodhom, MrsZcubed, Zcubed, Pathfinder, philbike, prestonjb, redk, Slow_Moe, spongebob, sunshine1, mtkitchn, swylde, tango, thebikething, Tiff, TreknTeresa, Preston23, blazingpedals, bikebelle, downtone, teamtiny
    ********** 2007 **********
    PotterbikerchickPBC, Iowaparson, Sratboss, CenturyHunter, Goalstopper, KrateCraig, bikerjohn, brucew, drut, Frayoch, Juan162, karcod, maggie, Tom_Barone, AndreHamel, Android, bruce_cycles
    ********** 2008 **********

    Lifetime Odometer: 0.0 miles
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