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Lifetime Odometer: 51,357 miles

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I got my first bike as an adult (a used hybrid/tank) for under $50 April 15, 2005. Put over 5,000 miles on her in the first year. Totalled over 13,000 in the first two years. In 2006 I averaged 20 miles a day. In 2007 I took up randoneuring. In 2009 I gave up formal randonneuring in favor of long distance riding without having to stop and buy stuff I don't need, just to get a receipt. In 2011, major life changes seriously cut into my long distance riding time, but added greatly to my commutes. I also fell in love with a recumbent bike. Unfortunately, it's a high racer, which is not the easiest bike in the world to ride. (It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "As easy as falling off a bike.") In 2012, I plan to take up riding a similar bike that I acquired. If I live through the experience, I'm going to go far.

I might not ride with the big guys yet, but I almost always get to the bagel shop before they run out. 
click to enlarge 2003 Specialized Sirrus
Touring Road bike
Description:  Sarah,(Sadie to her close friends) is a bit of a hypochondriac. Or maybe a slacker. She'll pop a spoke with no discernable provocation. She'll refuse to shift and refuse physiotherapy to improve her condition ... until she gets to a bike shop, at which point she behaves beautifully, just to make ME look like a fool. Be that as it may, she'll carry the load and go the distance when I need her to. A flat bar road bike with mostly Deore components. She's roughly 25% lighter than my first bike, a Jamis Citizen. Which is suprising, since it cost almost twice as much. Shouldn't one pay less for less bike?

Lifetime Odometer: 40,082.7 miles

700 x 23C Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick, front, 4,200 miles
700 x 25C Continental Gatorskin, rear, 1,000 miles
Shimano LX 22T chain ring 9 speed, 6,408 miles
generic Performance 11X34 9 speed cassette 9 speed, 6,408 miles
generic Chain From Rick's shop  9 speed, 6,408 miles
Shimano LX 48T chain ring 9 speed, 21,909 miles
Shimano  LX 36 tooth chain ring 9 speed, 6,408 miles
Shimano LX bottom bracket/crankset 9 speed, 21,909 miles

Rans F5
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Ruth was in Race Across America in 2009 on the winning team. (I THINK I got the story right.) Unfortunately, she broke on the ride. (A bolt hole that holds a bolt that holds the handlebars in place was stripped.) She sat in a garage feeling lonely until it made its way into my home. She arrived with two spokes and the block that holds the brakes on the back of the fork missing. None of the shops around here are sympathetic to recumbents. Most refused to order spokes. One refuses to let it into the repair portion of the shop. Most refuse to consider that it might be a real bicycle that uses normal bicycle parts. But, after many travails, I got her functional. She's going to be fun.

Her name is appropriate in both senses of the definition.

Lifetime Odometer: 840.2 miles

650 x 23C Hutchinson Fusion Triathlon, front, 319 miles
650 x 23C Hutchinson Fusion Triathlon, rear, 239 miles

2007 Felt Z-65
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 4,014.3 miles

700 x 23C Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick, front, 4,014 miles
700 x 23C Vittoria Diamante, rear, 1,600 miles

1234 Jamis Citizen
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  Her name is Beulah. She's a blue hybrid with silver trim and fork. She wears a rear rack, a handlebar bag and often carries panniers. She has 15 useful gears and 6 just for show. She wears ribbons in her handlebars when her odometer shows three zeros in front of the decimal place. Her seat nose is tipped modestly down to the top tube, and when she's not near me she wears a chastity masterlock.

Lifetime Odometer: 5,468.1 miles

Road bike
Description:  Just a category to log miles on a bike I don't own, or one I own briefly enough I don't want to add it to the journal.

Lifetime Odometer: 489.3 miles

Scattante Columbia Zonal
Road bike
Description:  She was big, and blue, and lean. I think she was Scandanavian. Maybe a decendant of Valkyries. A guy wanted to get her out of the garage and asked if I wanted to buy her. I told him he wouldn't sell for the price I'd be willing to pay. He asked how much money I had on me. I told him $105, but I needed $5 for lunch. He sold her. She was aluminum with a carbon fiber fork and seat stay. She weiged less than twenty pounds and had full ultegra components. I downgraded her handlebar to a normal diameter one to fit the cheap, aluminum, short, highly angled stem I added so I ccould reach said handlebars. Did I mention that the guy who sold her to me was about six or seven inches taller than I am? Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. The shorter stem didn't prevent me from bruising my saddle region when I jumped off the bike. So I had to sell her. (For a total profit of around three hundred bucks ... which cash is to be used towards a selle an-atomica and a Schmidt hub and lights.)

Lifetime Odometer: 88.4 miles
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