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I took up biking in 2003 after 3 major hip surgeries. My orthopedic surgeon highly suggested I stop running and start cycling. I grew up in the country and we rode horses, not bikes so I knew this was going to be a challenge. My first bike I bought was a comfort bike with a bike rack for my car because 3 miles was way too far to ride to get to the bike path. I found quite a bit of enjoyment the first year riding, but wanted a bike that I could go faster and further on so in 2004 I purchased my LeMond road bike. I bike with FastEduardo every morning doing at least 24 miles. I try to bike again at night putting in another 15-20. We try to beat our fastest time each time we ride so every ride is a time trial. I'd love to live somewhere you can bike year round, but with our cold Nebraska winters we do good to get in one or two rides a month Dec.- March.  
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