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I have just recently gotten back into biking in a serious way, since giving it up for most of my adulthood. I started out mountain biking, but mountain bikes and super-flat SE Texas don't mix, so on the road I go. I completed my first metric century in March, 2003 and my first true century on July 20, 2003.

I hope to strengthen my mind, body and spirit, while doing something I love. Cycling is it.
2004 was a bad year, lack of time for cycling and a broken foot kept me off the bike almost the whole year. But, it's 2005 now and I'm back.

2006 is here, but with a slow start. A mountain bike fall injured my ribs pretty badly and I had a bad ride at the Bluebonnet Express with the really bad headwinds. But hey, the season can only get better! Look for me at the finish in Shiner!

The pic is of me at my first ride in 2006; the Bluebonnet Express.

What happened in 2006?!? No idea, but it wasn't riding. Not sure what happened to my motivation, but it's now 2007 and forward from here.

I'll start with the Bluebonnet and hopefully have a great year. See you on the roads!

Wow, it 2009 and the newest young rider has emerged. My son received his first road bike this year and he's loving it. It won't be long before he's leaving me behind. Watch for us on the roads! 
2008 Cannondale CAAD9
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 68.1 miles

700 x 23C Bontrager Race Lite B, front, 200 miles
700 x 23C Bontrager Race Lite B, rear, 200 miles

click to enlarge 1988 Centurion Ironman Expert
Road bike
Description:  All steel Tange 1 beauty found on eBay for a steal. Light for its day and dependable as ever. Hutchinson Team CSC Series tires, Miche 502 pedals, Profile Design Aerobars, Ritchey stem and seat post, Specialized Carbon Cages and BG Comp Seat, and a Cateye Astrale comp round out the add-ons. Shimano 105 derailleurs, Ultegra cranks and brakes, DuraAce hubs, and Matrix IsoC Rims.

Lifetime Odometer: 770.3 miles

700 x 23C Hutchinson CSC Team Series, front, 570 miles
700 x 23C Hutchinson CSC Team Series, rear, 570 miles

click to enlarge 1989 Mangusta 5000
Road bike
Description:  All aluminum frame with a complete 105 parts list, Dura Ace hubs, Matrix IsoC rims, Michelin Axial carbon tires, Specialized body geometry saddle, and Crank Brother's Egg beaters.

Lifetime Odometer: 884.1 miles

700 x 23C Michelin Axial Carbon, front, 1,122 miles
700 x 23C Michelin Axial Carbon, rear, 1,122 miles

click to enlarge Trek 820
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
Description:   Trek 820 Hardtail XC, with full Shimano workup, Rock Shox Judy XC 80mm fork, Crank Brother's Eggbeaters, and Specialized Rockster Team XC Kevlar tires.

Lifetime Odometer: 45.7 miles
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