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Corinth, Texas
Club Affiliation: Corinth Cycling Club
Road Category: Citizen
Member Since: September 2006 5 Year Distance Chart
2020 Miles Traveled: 0
2020 Rank: currently unranked
Lifetime Odometer: 15,915 miles

In 2006, I started riding with co-workers around White Rock and they helped get me hooked. The guys from Bluebonnet told me about the Corinth Cycling club and I started riding with the club in September 2006. I ride with the B Group and will ride the Big Steamer. In 2009, I was able to finish twice with the Big Steamer pack and rode Hotter N' Hell with the Corinth Club.  
LeMond Rev Master
Stationary bike

Lifetime Odometer: 51.1 miles

click to enlarge 2010 Specialized Tarmac
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 7,110.1 miles

click to enlarge Trek 2100
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 8,847.7 miles

click to enlarge 2000 Trek Pro 9.9
Hardtail XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 95.1 miles
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