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Where to start? I rode a lot as a kid (probably up to age 15 or so), but then didn't ride hardly at all for almost 30 years. In March of 2002 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my left hip. Two cortisone shots later and I was at least able to move without a lot of pain. In October of 2003 I had a meniscus tear repaired as well as microfracture surgery on my left knee. After 6 weeks on crutches it was time to do something about my weight and my leg problems. I got on a stationary bike because it didn't hurt. I started cycling on a Trek 7200 hybrid bike in January 2004, and graduated to doing most of my miles on a Trek 1800C road bike in March. Now I'm looking forward to doing LOTS of miles because it makes me feel good (and I've lost 50 of the 90 pounds I needed to lose)!

Updated on 9/12/04 - I've lost almost 60 of the 90 pounds (which unfortunately is looking more like it's going to have to end up being nearly 100 pounds), and I've finished my first century ride!!!

This is the old me (eating as usual!):

and this is me after finishing my first century ride:

As commuterDude says in his profile, who is that guy??? 
click to enlarge 2003 Trek 5900
Road bike
Description:  I logged a bunch of miles in the past with the wrong bike! This one is a Trek Project One with the USPS paint scheme from 2003.

Lifetime Odometer: 22.6 miles

click to enlarge 2004 Trek 7200 Multitrack
700c Hybrid bike
Description:  A very comfortable hybrid bike that has performed well for me. I've got bar ends on it, but other than that it is a stock bike and great for gentle cruising.

Lifetime Odometer: 390.9 miles

700 x 38C Specialized Armadillo, front, 48 miles
700 x 38C Specialized Armadillo, rear, 48 miles

click to enlarge 2003 Trek 5500
Road bike
Description:  Woohoo! Just got this bad boy on July 6, 2004. Bought it used with low miles for a steal and boy is this thing FAAAAST!!!

Lifetime Odometer: 6,348.6 miles

700 x 23C Vredestein Fortezza SE, front, 145 miles
700 x 23C Vredestein Fortezza SE, rear, 145 miles
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