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Downey, California
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Lifetime Odometer: 4,580 miles

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Updated 4/17/14- Started riding an EZ 1 (CLWB) in 2006, then moved to riding an ActionBent Jetstream (SWB bent with USS) and then came in possession of Linaer 2.0 which was modified for off road riding. My current bike, since Iíve sold the others, is a RANS V2 26 which I love riding. The RANS is much faster than the Jetstream and is even more comfortable than the Linear. With having 2 different size tires to fit my rims, it makes it a very good road bike and a decent off road bike.
I am now riding an Actionbent Jetstream III full time. I am faster on it than on the RANS.
I've just picked up a Greenspeed Anura trike in July of 14, this will be my cruiser for riding with Cathy. 
ActionBent Jetstream III
Road bike
Description:  ActionBent Jetstream III with rear suspension. Bought it on March 7, 2014.

Lifetime Odometer: 921.3 miles

Greenspeed Anura
Trike Recumbent bike
Description:  Purchased used from Richard's Cyclery in Garden Grove, CA on 7/5/14. Picked up this one, plus it's mate so Cathy and I could ride together. The first mile she put on hers left her grinning from ear to ear, each time we ride together, whether individual or in tandem, she is always smiling. So far, in the little bit of time I've been on mine, I've had it up to 16.1 mph on flat ground, I've hit 20.2 mph on a down hill stretch by Cathy's house. The more I ride the trike, the faster I am on my ActionBent.

Lifetime Odometer: 131.8 miles

click to enlarge 2008 Rans V2 26
LWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Purchased Rans V2 on April 16, 2010, very light bike 6/10/10 - Been riding this bike for almost 2 months now, just over 200 miles on it. It rides really nice, it's quick, comfortable, and now that I've got my rack and trunk bag on it I can commute on it. I've also found that I can strap a duffle bag to the left side of the frame under the seat and carry quite a bit there. I'm really enjoying this bike!
Sold the Rans to Sam of Torrance on 6/10/2014

Lifetime Odometer: 1,263.6 miles

click to enlarge Linear 2.0 Folding
LWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Newest ride to my stable is a silver colored older Linear 2.0 which when I received it needed some TLC before it was ready to ride. It has hydraulic front brake, 63 speeds, Triple Rings up front, 3 speed hub, 7 gear cluster. I repositioned the brake levers to the upright bars, removed the original bike computer (I use a GPS unit), did some adjustments, and put foam padding into the seat cushion cover that came with the bike (someone had evidently either worn the original foam out or had tossed it for some reason) and I have put some miles on it checking out how it rides. My first actual ride ended up being 30 miles round trip. I started going and it was just so comfortable and stable to ride. I have a feeling for longer rides itís probably going to be my favorite. Itís not as fast as my Jetstream, but a lot more stable. Iíve found it fits in the trunk and back seat area of the 91 Camry I use occasionally.

I made some changes to the Linear. I replaced the 20Ē wheel with a 26Ē wheel from an old mountain bike. I replaced the USS with OSS to provide a bit more control when riding off road. The hydraulic front brake was replaced with the V brake from the mountain bike.

Since making these changes I have done several off road trips, and the results are better than I expected. Before changing the front wheel, whenever I hit soft sand or gravel, it became a rather ďiffyĒ ride, with the 26Ē front wheel, its rock solid. Iíve ridden through both soft dirt and sand, gravel with no problems with control. I took it up to Sequoia National Forest and rode some trails up there (6000í elev) and except for my running out of oxygen, the bike did great. I was able to make some of the very tight turns on the trails I normally ride, except for one location which is a 90 degree bend that even a MTB would have to be picked up and turned, I havenít had any problems making the turns on the trails Iíve ridden. With the 63 speed gear selection, I can climb at about 2 miles an hour by spinning and not grunting, I also have the higher gears for running down hill at speed (so far reserved for paved roads). It has been so much fun riding this bike the way itís now set up that I think I need to get some good tires on it not only for better traction, but because I know the front tire is close to 15 years old and I donít trust it for much speed. The long wheelbase, 2Ē of high density foam definitely make riding off road comfortable.

I have uploaded a picture of the bike while on one of the trails I was riding. On the handle bars is a Topeak tire pump with gauge, a Garmin Legend GPS and a Motorola walkie talkie. On the back rack is a Topeak trunk bag with small panniers. I also have the mount on the handlebars for a small LED head light which I use to be seen with (I run it on flash mode) and on my helmet I have a NiteRider MiNewt 200 LED which works fantastic. Lots of light and it puts it wherever youíre looking!
Sold on 8/9 to Steve of Los Angeles.

Lifetime Odometer: 520.4 miles

click to enlarge 2006 ActionBent Jetstream II
SWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Yellow SWB with USS. Topeak rack and trunk bag. Enjoyable to ride, fun cranking through the turns. Sold to John of Anaheim on 5/23/2010

Lifetime Odometer: 1,623.3 miles

click to enlarge Sun Bicycles EZ-1
CLWB Recumbent bike
Description:  Red, CLWB, w/ASS, 20" rear tie. Fun to ride, but heavy. It does work pretty well off road, when I take the dogs for a run, this is the bike I use as its easy to ride with only one hand.
Sold the EZ-1 on 5/25/09 to a new bent rider.

Lifetime Odometer: 102.4 miles
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