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Your Pain Cave
 tojesky member offline
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Home: Katy, TX 
Cruzbike Vendetta V20
SWB Recumbent bike
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posted 3/22/2020
at 7:36:45 AM
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Some of us probably are spending more time in our Pain Caves riding a digital road. Post your Pain Cave setup, photos, and which digital platforms you are using. And if you have a favorite course, post that as well.

Here is my setup:

Elite Direto X smart trainer

I mount my Bacchetta CA2 for the workout

I am currently evaluating various digital platforms.
...Rouvy (free version)
...RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours)(Free upgrade for now)
...Elite's My E Training (One year free with trainer purchase)

I plan to get on Zwift at some point.

I'll post a picture here later today. In the cooler weather, I set up my "Pain Cave" in the garage whenever I workout on the trainer. However, in the summer when the garage gets too hot, I bring the equipment into the house and ride in the foyer - nice tiled floor and out of the way. In both cases, the trainer and bike are removed after workouts to allow for the room's/garage's normal function. It takes time but is easy to do.

 capejohn member offline
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Scott SUB 40
700c Hybrid bike
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Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
posted 3/22/2020
at 8:13:09 AM
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I have been either biking or walking every day. Because I have two dogs, walking in the rain is a must. On April 1st I begin the 30 days of biking challenge.

 BikeLady member offline
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Trek Domane SLR 7 Project One
Road bike
Bonneville Cycling Club of Uta click to learn more about premier membership
posted 3/22/2020
at 1:39:07 PM
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I have a Cycleops Fluid2 trainer with my old Trek 2000 set up on it. In the basement. With a television and a DVD player. I have to watch Zwift every day at work...it has lost all charm for me. I just watch movies and TV series that I want to see.

 ptsbike member offline
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Orbea Orca Gain
Road bike
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Tri-Cities Road Club
posted 3/22/2020
at 2:18:38 PM
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I'm using a Wahoo Kickr with a big screen TV and running it off of an Apple TV box. It works pretty well for Zwift. I have not tried other formats and probably won't use it much during the warmer summer weather.

 vkan member not displaying online status
Lifetime: 49,669 mi
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Member since: Apr 2005
Home: Morrisville, NC 
Lynskey Cooper
Road bike
'BentRider Recumbent Club
posted 3/23/2020
at 2:11:18 PM
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I have a long ago crashed, but seemingly undamaged, carbon road bike setup on a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine with fluid resistance and the inRide power meter/estimator.

Freebie apps I use for various things:

- Kinetic Fit (power calibration via coast down after warmup, some structured training sessions)

- Road Grand Tours (haven't activated the freebie full access trial yet, just tried it out mainly to shake out the device integrations with my phone (via BT) and laptop (via ANT+) and see what the VR riding is like (it was motivating, but I'm more likely to want to do structured workouts than simulating a course)

- Golden Cheetah on the laptop - doing custom structured training things, more reliable than Kinetic Fit, though still need the latter for calibration

- ErgVideo, which lets me load up custom workout files (same format as Golden Cheetah) that's a little simpler/cleaner than Golden Cheetah but has its own quirks that made me go back to Golden Cheetah

I generally watch youtube videos I'd be watching anyway. I currently use a laptop that can double as the trainer screen and entertainment screen. I've tried using my Android phone with its split screen capability to run Kinetic Fit and Youtube at the same time. It works OK, but gets inconvenient when I have to toggle between the apps, e.g. to skip ads on Youtube, because the cycling app will get confused and its display won't show everything properly. I suppose it wasn't designed to work with Android in split screen mode.
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