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Found on the road - 2009 - 2020
 maschwab member online
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Springfield (IL) Bicycle Club
posted 3/17/2009
at 5:40:15 AM
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Thanks to scum1 who originated the thread!
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2006 [www.]{6165345A-B101-4B20-91CB-6E8205BCC57D}
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What have you "Found on the road" ?
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 maschwab member online
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Lifetime: 13,062 mi
Member No. 3718
Member since: Nov 2004
Home: Dawson, YT 
Giant W xtracycle / 35cc motor
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
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Springfield (IL) Bicycle Club
posted 3/17/2009
at 5:43:19 AM
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We'll, it was not me, but somebody found the glove they lost after one year.
Posted on usenet by Rex Kerr on Mar 15, 2009:
As we all know, cyclists tend to find a lot of stuff along the road
while riding. I just had my all time most interesting road find

While riding home on my usual route, about five miles from my house, I
moved over into the center "suicide lane" to turn left when I noticed
a single cycling glove in the center of the lane, palm up. Big deal,
what's so intriguing about a cycling glove? Well, there wasn't much
traffic so I went back to pick it up and the strange thing was...
it's the very same glove that I lost on this route about a year ago
(in fact, I remember having to rush out to buy another pair for a
century ride that is coming up again about a month from now)! It
seems impossible... through two seasons it managed to hide who knows
where and then somehow migrate out into the middle of the street
unharmed! I was quite upset when I lost it. I'd only had them for a
month or so when I'd forgotten to put them on when I started my ride.
A about a mile into the ride I noticed that they weren't on. When I
stopped I found one of them on top of my rear rack, but the other one
was nowhere to be found. I threw the remaining one into my pile of
misc stuff hoping that the missing one would turn up in the yard
somewhere, but had long since given up on it! Even after the
intervening seasons it's still in great condition, in fact I can't
tell it from the other one (it even has the same amount of grime on
the leather palm).

 Shakleeman member offline
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posted 3/17/2009
at 6:05:02 AM
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That is a great one - glove comes home. I ride in NE Georgia and have a partially stocked tool box from screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, etc. Could not figure out how to get the ladder home though so left it plus is was bent a bit from what I guess was a car strike after it fell off a truck. Have seen a lot of other stuff but not where it was easy to get off the bike and pick it up.

 OpusthePoet member offline
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posted 3/17/2009
at 5:02:58 PM
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I found a pair of needlenose pliers last year, and myself repeatedly this year.


 Commonloon member online
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posted 3/17/2009
at 6:42:40 PM
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Today I found a shinny penny in the road at a stoplight in Detroit. I didn't bend over to pick it up. Looks like it was stuck in the asphalt anyway. Had to stop for another light about a mile up the road, you guessed it, another shinny penny stuck in the asphalt. Pennies from heaven? AIG execs sharing their bonus with the folks in Detroit?

 Sratboss member offline
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Bike Barn
posted 3/17/2009
at 6:52:53 PM
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I found a Pair of "Houston Texan" logo winter gloves recently... One glove one day, didn't find the mate so I tossed it, found the other the next day, went back for the first and it was still there!!!
We don't get much Winter Glove weather down here but there were a couple of times when they came in handy !

My contribution to the thread !


 siouxgeonz member offline
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posted 3/17/2009
at 7:03:33 PM
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Found lots of aluminum cans today, one of 'em full. Miller LIte, of course. Would it be toxic to the garden?

Two weeks ago I was riding home from church and found somebody's checks... oops... mine. Figure they fell out of my pocket the night before.
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 tom1111 member offline
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Avanti monza
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United States of Medowie
posted 3/17/2009
at 8:15:43 PM
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found a nokia moblie phone
also found the owner of the phone

 1bike0car member online
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posted 3/17/2009
at 8:45:56 PM
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found in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere a auto parts delivery receipt book. must of been there only a day or so cause we had rain less than a week ago. last year found at my local school ball park two unopened mickeys beers, the small wide mouth kind, took them home, chilled them, and enjoyed. tasty

 GlacierChaser member offline
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posted 3/17/2009
at 10:10:14 PM
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Found a pair of diagonal cutters, two small combination wrenches, a broken hammer, a little allen wrench, and a quarter. this year. Found a good pith-helmet-shaped hardhat in December, but left it there. Found a cell phone once while walking a MB trail, never did find the owner. Found a blinkie while walking another MB trail. I theorized that I could eventually find enough pieces to assemble an entire mountain bike (although the only frame I ever found was an old 10-speed, and the only sprockets I found were in pieces.)

Come to think of it, when I found the hardhat, on that 100 mile ride, I think I found a full two suits of work clothing scattered along the way, although I didn't try to pick it up or match socks or anything.

 rwg member offline
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posted 3/17/2009
at 10:12:30 PM
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I found a pack of black zip ties the other day. They were military spec, too. That makes them special. I don't normally stop to pick stuff up, but I can always use black zip ties . . . and I was going up a steep hill, so it wasn't that big of a deal to stop.
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