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2018 Century a Month Challenge
 hairykiwi member offline
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posted 1/1/2018
at 9:42:11 AM
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Thanks to chipg5 for keeping this challenge going over that last few years, and for prestonjb for creating it (let me know if I'm wrong about that).
So here are the rules from prestonjb's old threads:

Rules: Typically a century counts if it is any sum of 100 miles in a 24 hour period. If you do a long ride like a DOUBLE century or a 400k BREVET then you could count the ride as TWO centuries as long as each set of 100 miles are within 24 hour periods. If you do 95 miles in 24 hours and 105 miles in the next 24 hours then it is only ONE century, not two.

You can ride 50 miles in the morning and 50 miles in the evening and it will be a century as long as the 100 miles are all in the same 24 hours...

I updated the spreadsheet for 2017, so now all you have to do is post your miles, and he rest should fill in (hopefully).

Post the month and century or centuries you rode and any other info you want to include.

OK, since we have added a few more people this year, I'm adding the link to access the spreadsheet directly on google. Its usually much easier to update without the BJ forum snapping you back to the top of the page all the time. See below:

2018 Century A Month Challenge

thread edited on 1/1/2018 at 9:43:49 AM

 Cavebear2 member not displaying online status  
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Audax Australia
posted 12/31/2018
at 4:36:38 AM
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126.26 miles / 203.2 km
Avg. 17.1 mph
Elev. 2581 ft
Avg. Temp 86F / 30C
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