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My first time...
 djmike member offline
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Member since: Mar 2006
Home: New Braunfels, TX 
Fuji Newest 2.0
Road bike
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Christus Santa Rosa NB
posted 6/6/2006
at 8:03:29 AM
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Yesterday I entered the brotherhood(and sisterhood) of those whom are "clipped in." I bought my first cycling shoes and cleats yesterday afternoon and after my LBS mounted my recently aquired LOOK pedals, I went back to the house to "practice." The following is an acurate account of the events that transpired upon my arrival at my house.

I was very excited about finnally being clipped in. I went home and changed into my cycling clothes, put on my new shoes, braced myself against the side of the house, clipped my left foot in and took off. I didn't have to much trouble clipping in while I was riding. I was able to find the right spot on the pedals very easily. I was practicing clipping in an out while I was riding. My wife and kids were outside talking to our neighbors and my wife had her camera with her(for what, I don't know...). I was slowing down to turn around on the driveway to head back out on to the street. I figured that I would clip out, stop, start again and clip back in. I un-clipped my right foot and proceeded to try to put my left foot down. My left foot was still clipped in, and I fell. I fell right in front of my kids, my wife and the neighbors; all of which had a pretty good laugh. My wife even took pictures. I didn't know that you could get road rash from going less than 5mph.

But, there it is, my first time. I got back up and rode for another 30 minutes without a problem.

 Kin member not displaying online status
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Member since: Apr 2003
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Cannondale R-2000
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Club Hypoxia click to learn more about premier membership
posted 6/6/2006
at 8:09:39 AM
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Welcome to the club!

I got some nice comments in another thread about my racing dismount at the triathlon, something I have practiced the last year and after 6 years of clipless pedals.

But the first time.... I rode 44 miles with no problems. We stopped a few times and I was able to unclip okay. Then at the end of the ride, I also unclipped right and landed on my left side. Unfortunately, my free right leg got pulled into the chain ring and I got a deep laceration on my ankle.

So good luck, be careful, and enjoy!

 FlyingLaZBoy member offline
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Member since: Jun 2005
Home: Rowlett, TX 
Inspired Cycle Engineering Sprint X fs
Trike Recumbent bike
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posted 6/6/2006
at 8:11:06 AM
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and I fell... I got back up and rode for another 30 minutes without a problem.
-- posted by djmike

As they say, you gotta get right back on that horse... errr... pedal... Methinks the wife perhaps is more knowledgeable about cycling that you give her credit for, since she had the camera at the ready... LOL


 Slo_Joe member offline
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Bacchetta Carbon Basso GS
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'BentRider Recumbent Club
posted 6/6/2006
at 8:58:17 AM
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Laff'n...not atcha...but widcha....

Brings back memories for sure..... I don't mean to be the bearer of "uh oh" news, but if you're anything like forgetful professor me there just might be one or two more of those Arte Johnson fallovers to come.
post edited on 6/6/2006 at 8:51:32 AM

 spinit member offline
Lifetime: 7,407 mi
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Member since: Feb 2005
Home: Danbury, CT 
Cannondale SIX13
Road bike
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Hat City Cyclists
posted 6/6/2006
at 9:19:50 AM
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Congrats on the pedals, now spin on. I find it much funner than just pedaling.

 pw member offline
Lifetime: 2,842 mi
Member No. 7639
Member since: May 2005
Home: San Antonio, TX 
Specialized ALLEZ
Road bike
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posted 6/6/2006
at 9:44:53 AM
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wellcome to the "clipped in" group! Tell your wife to send me the pictures so I can laugh with YOU!

 MailMover member offline
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Member since: Apr 2006
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Cervelo S2
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Club Rouge Croix click to learn more about premier membership
posted 6/6/2006
at 9:47:26 AM
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Like a Virgin! Rashed for the very first time. Yea I know ha ha Welcome Mike! I have found that which ever is your dominate leg/foot should be your "plant" foot when stopping. And now you know why the BOSS had the camera! But, turn about is fair play!!!!!

Side note......... The beater is back together! Me and the Credit Card are screaming!

 junior_co member not displaying online status
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Member since: Feb 2006
Home: CO 
Trek 1500
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posted 6/6/2006
at 9:57:55 AM
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I've been riding for almost a year now, and this last weekend I fell for the very first time...

It was at mile ~75 of the Elephant Rock Ride in Castler Rock, Co. I decided I wanted to stop and do some Gu before the next hill. I stopped, uncliped my left foot and leaned right... DOH!!!

"The sun was in my eye... That wasn't me, you can't prove it, you didn't see anything!!!"

Good on ya


 zcubed member offline
Lifetime: 19,528 mi
Member No. 8010
Member since: Jun 2005
Home: Arvada, CO 
Fuji Roubaix
Road bike
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Club Hypoxia click to learn more about premier membership
posted 6/6/2006
at 10:49:40 AM
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Everyone falls eventually, might as well get it out of the way in the beginning!

I rode about 50 miles one day without incident and then pulled into my driveway and just forgot to unclip. Over I went. Probably very funny to watch.

Speaking of funny to watch, WHERE IS THE PICTURE??????? You HAVE to post it here!
post edited on 6/6/2006 at 10:42:03 AM

 g10sha member offline
Lifetime: 1,139 mi
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Member since: Oct 2005
Home: Clarksburg, MD 
Schwinn Mesa GSX
Hardtail XC Mountain bike
posted 6/6/2006
at 10:56:37 AM
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I practiced by riding in the bike trainer a few times. By the time I got on the road, I (thought) I was pretty good. I didn't fall until about a week later. I still blame my wife for stopping when she shouldna. Not really expecting to need to stop and put a foot down, I did the only thing you can in that situation - look like an idiot while you, and your bike, fall over. You know it's happening, but there's nothing you can do about it. Excpet learn. I think that's my only time falling because I couldn't get my feet out of the clips.

 reinarz member online
Lifetime: 18,626 mi
Member No. 12573
Member since: Feb 2006
Home: Lago Vista, TX 
Rans Dynamik
26" Comfort bike
posted 6/6/2006
at 11:05:47 AM
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Do you unclip at stop lights and stop signs so that you can come to a complete stop? Obey the law and ride that bikre responsibly.

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