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I Wanna Be Elected!
 GlacierChaser member offline
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Home: Garland, TX 
Lynskey GR 250
Gravel Road bike
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Lone Star Randonneurs click to learn more about premier membership
posted 10/3/2016
at 11:25:10 AM
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Hey all you Randonneurs!
I'm running for Board of Directors for Randonneurs USA.
If you're a member of RUSA, go vote for me (Stephen Hazelton):
Vote Here
Consider Dave Thompson for second selection.
Thank you!

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 Fullylugged member offline
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Waterford RS12
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Montgomery (AL) Bicycle Club
posted 10/4/2016
at 5:25:16 PM
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I'm happy you posted this. I had no idea of who you were, so great! I would like to see some non-west coast presence on the board. I'll mention you in our region page as well.

Dave Thompson was also suggested on the GA Randonneurs email list.
post edited on 10/4/2016 at 5:26:59 PM

 rmillay member offline
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Lifetime: 91,249 mi
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Member since: Mar 2006
Home: Dallas, TX 
Catrike Musashi
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posted 10/5/2016
at 5:13:44 PM
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Stephen is a very active member of the Lone Star Randonneurs, and a frequent volunteer and ride host. He is well liked, enthusiastic, and competent. He is thorough and diligent with his hosting, which I suspect will reflect well on the board.
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