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Cycling In Literature
 TXPeddler member offline
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Cannondale SuperSix
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posted 8/16/2006
at 7:50:51 PM
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Anybody have a recommended, must-have-in-your-library book(s) about cycling?

Here are a couple that I really enjoyed and hope you do too:

Masked Rider by Neil Peart (yeah, the drummer from Rush); truly great book about Peart's cycle tour of Cameroon, Africa.

French Revolutions by Tim Moore; hillarious story about the author's adventure from pretty much never been on a bike to riding one of the TdF courses...funny, funny, funny!

Frost On My Moustache also by Tim Moore; comical story with a bit of a slow start but a large part of which involves the author's cycling journey across Iceland.

 Thorn member offline
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Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe
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Secular Cycleism click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/16/2006
at 8:16:00 PM
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THE RIDER by Tim Krabbe

 graham6853 member offline
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Cervelo P2 SL
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RoadBears click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/16/2006
at 8:27:38 PM
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I second the vote for The Rider. Especially if you are into racing. Its a classic.

 countrydirt member offline
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Miyata Trail Runner
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posted 8/16/2006
at 9:04:55 PM
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Just finished Heft on Wheels. Nice read and he is on BJ!

 Did member offline
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Specialized Roubaix Expert SL4
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posted 8/17/2006
at 6:46:30 AM
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Need for the Bike, Paul Fournel.

 kayakado member offline
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North Florida Bicycle Club
posted 8/17/2006
at 7:39:06 AM
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the cycling murder mysteries by Greg Moody - Two Wheels, Dead Air, Perfect Circles, Derailleur, Dead Roll. Also The Race and The Tour by Dave Shields

 OpusthePoet member offline
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Oak Cliff Clyde
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posted 8/17/2006
at 11:02:15 AM
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Mark Twain wrote a couple of short stories on bicycle riding, including one that's become quite famous about how he learned how to ride a high-wheeler as an adult of mature years.


 jake2sea member offline
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Bacchetta Giro
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posted 8/17/2006
at 12:08:35 PM
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Heft on wheels was great. The writer is here on BJ?? Wow, if you read this, great book, that was quite a journey and I'm not talking about miles under two wheels.

 5am member offline
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Trek 2300
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posted 8/17/2006
at 12:27:19 PM
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Tour de France: The History, The Legend, The Riders by Graeme Fife

This is a different kind of book about the TdF. Not one of those year by year what happened kind of things, but an account by a great writer about various important mountain stages in the tour, including L'Alpe d'Huez, Col du Glandon, Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier, Col d'Izoard, Mont Ventoux. The author rides the mountain passes himself and provides details of the passes and the many tour racing stories that attach to each pass. A wealth of details beautifully written and detailed. I couldn't put the book down and have been back to it many times.

My picks for two necessary books in any good cycling library:

The Yellow Jersey by Ralph Hurne

Bicycling Magazine said once the Yellow Jersey was the greatest cycling novel ever written. Well, don't know about that, (I think Krabbe's The Rider may be the best.) But this book is pretty good. Tells of a guy who has retired from pro racing (early 1970's as I recall), who works in an antique store owned by his girlfriend, who he cheats on from time to time. He also coaches a young racer with good chances of placing high up in the Tour de France GC. Circumstances lead him to get back on his bike and ride alongside the young guy he coaches as they both compete in the Tour de France. The story is all about what happens next as the stages proceed. Nicely done.

 RaptorPilot member offline
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Trek 1500
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posted 8/17/2006
at 1:50:25 PM
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Heft on wheels was great. The writer is here on BJ??

Thats how I found out about BJ.

Also Bobke II is a great read.

 PansyPalmetto member not displaying online status
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Member since: Jan 2006
Home: Sacramento, CA 
Felt F1
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Club Hypoxia click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/17/2006
at 9:29:47 PM
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I have a book "Miles From Nowhere" by a female cyclist, Barbara Savage. She rode around the world, sort of. Our bike club snagged her as a speaker at a meeting years ago and she was very entertaining and pleasant. It's a "girl's way of riding around the world" so maybe boys won't be so interested in her book. But I like it and her.

Published by The Mountaineers, 306 2nd Ave. W., Seattle, Washington 98119.
First printing October 1983
sixth printing November 1988

Also published in Canada and New Zealand. And I have the info too. If you want it, buddy list me.

Hope that info helps if anyone wants to get the book.
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