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3/4 Cycling Bib Tights - Women (or men)
 Jeanie2019 member offline
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posted 1/14/2020
at 10:06:50 AM
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What's your favorite brand name in long or 3/4 bib tights for fit, comfort, UV protection, style, quality without spending a fortune - in a hot climate except brief winter in TX? If I can't get much women to respond, men too must have a favorite brand - what is yours? I'm a new female rider, but in between sizes XL and L (neither one fits right). Need new bib shopping advice (I'd rather have 3/4s or long for UV protection). I've tried Pearl iZumi Pursuit.
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 handyhannah member offline
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posted 1/14/2020
at 9:13:46 PM
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I wish I could help you. I have never worn or even tried on bibs. Girls that I ride with LOVE the Louis Garneau brand. And both prefer the mens as they feel the chamois covers a little more in the front for them. With that being said they both race MTB/gravel events. And being in the positioning they felt it worked better for them. I hope this is of some help.
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