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Animals spotted on your ride
 countrydirt member offline
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Home: Pueblo, CO 
Trek 520
Touring Road bike
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posted 8/26/2006
at 11:10:25 AM
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I know that this thread may be a duplicate to some in the past, but I thought it would be fun to hear what wildlife others might see while riding.

I normally see a number of pronghorn antelope and have twice seen badgers up close and almost personal. My 15 year old son saw a badger yesterday as well.

This morning, the neatest thing happened to me. It is a cool and almost foggy morning with a light mist falling. I decided to get in a short ride. I am about a mile from my home when I sense something in the air to my right and fairly close above me. I glance over and about 15 to 20 feet away is a golden eagle! He is studying me very closely. Just as we make eye contact, he screams and wheels away and up and over my head. He flies away about 40 feet and then tracks me for about 20 seconds, all the while watching me. He then accelerates - drops me like a rock and flies up into a radio tower about a 1/4 mile away and watches me with interest until I ride past and around a corner.

It was one of my finest moments on the bike!


 Courage member online
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Giant TCR Limited
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A few Others racing click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/26/2006
at 11:27:00 AM
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The animals I encounter are many and myriad including the;

Brightly colored speed demon spotted only in spurts before they're gone in an instant

The Khaki colored Tourister laden with enough provisions to make it through the winter, this pack rat knows many tricks to surviving his long treks in harsh environs.

The always mud stained downhill trickabee adept at blending in with his surroundings and often becoming a part of them...

and of course the Megalo-quasi-Club-a-race-a-saurus who always travel in packs.

Eric J ; }

 FooRider member offline
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Home: Allen, TX 
Bacchetta Corsa
SWB Recumbent bike
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posted 8/26/2006
at 11:37:06 AM
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I have three:
  1. When I first got back on a bike in 2003, I took my comfort bike out on Knob Hills trail. At that time, I was so green that I thought my front-suspended comfort bike was a mountain bike. I should have taken it as a clue that I was way out of my depth when I noticed I was the only one not using clipless pedals--but I didn't.

    I did all right on the way out to the east end, but was gasping on the return, so I stopped to catch my breath. I was sure I'd have no trouble spotting the trail branch back to the trailhead, but I was wrong. Before long, it was quickly getting dark, and I'd bonked.

    Then, to make things just a little more interesting, I found myself behind a slowly ambling longhorn Arby's sandwich-on-the-hoof. It was in no hurry, and I couldn't pass for fear of getting hung up on one of those long, pointy, nasty horns.

    It was cool running into Flossie out there--but I didn't see it that way until later.

  2. I saw my one and only armadillo--the only live one, at least--one afternoon on the Lake Ray Roberts greenbelt trail. It wandered out across the trail and didn't notice us at first. As we came closer, it caught on and, startled, shot straight up in the air.


  3. I occasionally have the opportunity to race a roadrunner while riding around the various nearby neighborhoods currently in development. This probably wouldn't be worth mentioning, but I still chuckle when I recall the first time I told my future wife that I'd seen a roadrunner.

    Until then, she'd labored under the misimpression that The Roadrunner was only a cartoon character. Which is true, but she didn't realize the roadrunner is a real bird.

 fdul member offline
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Lynskey R440
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West Chester Cycling Club
posted 8/26/2006
at 12:13:56 PM
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I ride primarily in Chester County, PA. west of West Chester. Almost on a daily basis I see Red tail hawks, turkey vulgars, blue heron, white egret, red fox (not thee Redd Foxx of course) too many white tail deer. Once saw a barn owl and a road kill coyote. Snapping Turles and Baltimore Oriole occassionly.

 mrprudhom member offline
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GT Nomad
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KR Bike Club
posted 8/26/2006
at 12:24:51 PM
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I don't know if this counts, but 2 weeks ago, while camping (I got there on my bike, which is why it may fit in), I was sitting at a picnic table, and heard what sound like a dog sniffing around behind me. It was a SKUNK!! Walked underneath the table I was sitting at, less than 2 feet from me. Walked away after about 5 of the longest minutes of my life.

Today, i saw a great blue heron take off from the side of the road as we passed about 5 feet away.

 wilsoneddy member offline
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Litespeed Xicon
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Scenic City Velo
posted 8/26/2006
at 12:34:44 PM
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Normally I see loads of roadkill such as squirrels, possums, racoons, etc. but today in a field no more than 20' away was a fawn and on the way back a doe bounded off through the woods next to the road. Also saw several pileated woodpeckers. However the most disturbing thing I saw this morning was a buzzard cirlcling overhead. He must of thought I looked like easy game.

 patrick07 member offline
Lifetime: 7,010 mi
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Home: MI 
Bianchi Castro Valley
Touring Road bike
posted 8/26/2006
at 12:41:22 PM
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The most recent critter was a (best guess) two foot long snapping turtle. I mean that the shell was about two feet long from front to back! It was big enough that I almost mistook it for road litter. It moved its head toward me and gave me a good start.

Usually its sand hill cranes as my route takes me near two golf courses and a bird sanctuary. There's a couple of other huge birds but I don't know what they are yet. Must use Google to find out...

Edit: I think that the big birds in question are Turkey Vultures. Use the Google Image Search to get an idea of what they look like. It says a 6 ft wingspan. I believe it.
post edited on 8/26/2006 at 12:40:15 PM

 GT member offline  
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Bianchi San Jose
Single Speed Road bike
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Amici Veloci click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/26/2006
at 12:53:51 PM
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Yesterday, I saw two bucks, one doe & two fawn. All in one field. I had never noticed that many together before. Also saw a small snake on a road in Folsom. About 15 inches long, as big around as a pencil & colored black, orange & maybe some red.
And, some quail, chickens, & squirrels.

 tommyboy043 member offline
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Norco Tactic 2
Road bike
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Fat Frogs
posted 8/26/2006
at 1:06:40 PM
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Riding all over Virginia and Pennsylvania I have seen a bunch of deer of which several have some deep down need to see just how well my brakes work. That is always fun. Numerous birds, snakes and even one little baby painted turtle about the size of a silver dollar.

 mpellis member offline
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Trek 7500FX Disc
700c Hybrid bike
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RoadBears click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/26/2006
at 1:51:38 PM
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While riding on the Kal-Haven trail in SW Michigan last Monday my wife and I saw what looked like 2 families of wild turkeys on the trail. They slowly ambled off the trail and into the small trees as we approached and were only 12 feet away as we went by. While biking near my home in Northern Illinois I have seen deer numerous times as well as rabbits, various birds, and chipmunks. Occasionally I even see red-tailed hawks. A chipmunk is the only thing I have hit so far, thank God. I zigged and thought it would zag, but unfortunalely it zigged too.

 Jenni member online
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Member since: Jan 2006
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Specialized Ruby Expert
Road bike
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posted 8/26/2006
at 2:33:53 PM
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Eric- that was so funny!!!! More more more please
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