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Animals spotted on your ride
 countrydirt member offline
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Member since: Jul 2005
Home: Pueblo, CO 
Miyata Trail Runner
XC Mountain bike
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posted 8/26/2006
at 12:10:25 PM
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I know that this thread may be a duplicate to some in the past, but I thought it would be fun to hear what wildlife others might see while riding.

I normally see a number of pronghorn antelope and have twice seen badgers up close and almost personal. My 15 year old son saw a badger yesterday as well.

This morning, the neatest thing happened to me. It is a cool and almost foggy morning with a light mist falling. I decided to get in a short ride. I am about a mile from my home when I sense something in the air to my right and fairly close above me. I glance over and about 15 to 20 feet away is a golden eagle! He is studying me very closely. Just as we make eye contact, he screams and wheels away and up and over my head. He flies away about 40 feet and then tracks me for about 20 seconds, all the while watching me. He then accelerates - drops me like a rock and flies up into a radio tower about a 1/4 mile away and watches me with interest until I ride past and around a corner.

It was one of my finest moments on the bike!


 raleighdon member not displaying online status  
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Home: Seattle, WA 
Davidson Custom (Katrina)
Road bike
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posted 8/26/2006
at 3:39:33 PM
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We see lots of hawks, eagles, deer, elk, coons, rabbits, dogs & cats, snakes, once in a while a possum but usually they're dead, squirrels, chipmunks, flickers and other small birds, but probably the best was once down in Tukwila when we were coming north on the Green River Trail by Southcenter and we saw a skunk. S/he was ambling right up the middle of the trail, in no hurry to get anywhere. We were uncertain what side to ride on or even is we should try to pass at all, but we did, and didn't get sprayed, fortunately.

 Jaclyn member not displaying online status
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Home: Swanton, OH 
Co-Motion Primera Co-Pilot
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Toledo Area Bicyclists (TAB)
posted 8/26/2006
at 3:45:30 PM
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I just returned from an Ohio to Vermont tour via bicycle ... and saw what I thought was every imaginable form of roadkill (raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, robin, snake, turtle, mouse, opposum, cat, dog, deer, skunk, it just went on and on). Just off the road between Old Forge and Inlet (New York - Adirondacks) - I came across a dead 250 pound or so male black bear. I would have so loved to have seen more living animals along my route. My group had themes for the day, and one day our motto was "Fewer cars, fewer roadkill. Ride a bike."

Locally, I see live deer, groundhogs, chipmunks, rabbits, and various songbirds almost every ride. At least once a week I see a red tail hawk and raccoon. It's a great day when I see a fox, wild turkey, or cougar (each happens at least once a summer).

 Broken_Wrist member offline
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Home: Ridgefield, CT 
Giant TCR Elite XL
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Evanston Bike Club (EBC)
posted 8/26/2006
at 4:35:21 PM
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Hawks, wild turkey and deer. Lots of deer. On my last club ride, I survived a deer stampede. Falling off the back of our little peleton, I heard a rider yelling about a large group of deer in the field to our left and up ahead. As I was motoring along trying to bridge to the back of the pack of our riders, a spooked deer bolted through the trees across the street directly in front of me (also at a high speed) causing me to brake a bit and I had to quickly avoid a second, third and fourth deer hot on the heels of the first one by re-accelerating. (In these here parts, where there is one deer sprinting there usually is at least another right behind). With deer in front of me and deer behind, that was the first time I have literally ridden through a herd of deer... Oh deer!

 WadeS member online
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Member since: Oct 2005
Home: Elizabethtown, PA 
Trek 7500FX
700c Hybrid bike
RoadBears click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/26/2006
at 4:57:38 PM
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On my usual rides in Pennsylvania, I see plenty of groundhogs and squirrels ofcourse, but last year I encountered a couple of red foxes in cornfields. This summer on vacation near Gainesville, FL during a rail trail ride, we encountered deer, an armadillo and gopher tortoises.

 BlueStud member offline
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Home: Lawrenceville, GA 
custom built The Money Honey
Road bike
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posted 8/26/2006
at 5:10:28 PM
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Well on my evening ride....i have been passing what looks to be a family of thanksgiving meals....Two Female turkeys (hens), Two male Turkeys (Toms) and Two baby Turkeys (poults). I stop to look at them for a few minutes then im off!!!

 serial_thriller member online
Lifetime: 6,088 mi
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Member since: Jul 2005
Home: Suwanee, GA 
Cannondale System Six
Road bike
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Bicycle Group
posted 8/26/2006
at 5:31:31 PM
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I saw two cows today on my ride... that is normal right? Not when they are on a side road just watching bikes go by and minding there own busines.... Nowhere near any farm.. and yes, I said, standing on a side road..

 BikerFello member offline
Lifetime: 32,752 mi
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Member since: Nov 2004
Home: Tullahoma, TN 
Kestrel Talon
Road bike
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Highland Rim Bicycle Club
posted 8/27/2006
at 6:47:14 AM
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A few years ago I came to the bottom of a descent off nearby Sewanee Mountain, and I noticed an emu (or maybe it was an ostrich) beside the road. As I approached the bird, I got off the bike to walk up close to get a good look. However, after looking this animal over and noticing that it was 6 feet tall and probably weighed over 200 pounds and it had a wicked looking beak, it just seemed this bird could put some serious hurt on me. I backed off, hopped on my bike, and mentally calculated how many boxes of KFC this bird could fill.

 IndianaRecRider member offline
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Home: Hammond, IN 
Fuji Absolute 1.4
Road bike
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International Christian Cycling Club
posted 8/27/2006
at 6:47:37 AM
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Just got back from my morning ride. Rode one of the local forest preserve trails in the south suburban Chicagoland area. Spotted 4 deer (one quite up close and personal lol), along with startling a few ducks and geese riding past "their" pond. Ain't nature grand?

 ABE member offline
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Member since: Jan 2005
Home: North Richland Hills, TX 
Specialized Roubaix Expert
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RoadBears click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/27/2006
at 8:08:26 AM
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In Amarillo (Palo Duro Canyon State Park) we often saw tarantula (don't know how to spell that) walking near the trails. Have seen Rattle snakes here, and many armidillo.

Why did the armidillo cross the road? Don't know, none have ever made it!

 bikerjohn member offline
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other CCX
Road bike
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USA Towpath and Trail Riders association click to learn more about premier membership
posted 8/27/2006
at 8:28:55 AM
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Yesterday there was a Great Blue Heron and many other creatures of feather large and small.

Some bird buzzed my head so close it seemed like I was being dive bombed by a Redtail Hawk or something large like that. Probably was a Starling or Purple Martin trying to snag one of the bugs on me.

I should take more time to identify the varieties out there on the Erie Canal. Narrowly avoided running over a small but fantastic looking a Leopard frog.
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