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Ride to Work Day
 Cdale56 member offline
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Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
posted 5/12/2018
at 5:10:28 AM
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How do you ride to work on your first Ride to Work Day after you retire? I retired in February and my real commute- I only did it about once a week was 23 miles -one way. These are are my new retirement "commuting" rules for Friday

One, I will only ride if I want to to, if weather is iffy or I simply don't feel like it, then I won't go.

Two, I will start when I want; in those old days I would have to start at 0445.

Three: I will drive part way and start the ride part way there to save time and energy.

Four, I will stop and turn around at the point where the commute got nasty and where bad traffic congestion started.

Five, I will do some scenic detours off of the commute route that I never had time or energy for.

 JustridePA member offline
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Mercier Galaxy
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posted 5/12/2018
at 6:41:32 AM
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I'm currently commuting 20 mi each way,with a 50/50 mix of park & ride half ways, most days a week during good weather. I've got just a few more years to retirement and "pleasure riding". Your rules are just right- make it enjoyable! I would suggest using the Commuter Challenge Rules for retirees- mimicking the work commute. And if you have a nearby rail-trail, you could volunteer spot help (collect trash or move occasional fallen branches/help riders)and count the ride as a volunteer commute. I'm a retired Board of Directors member of our local trail council- we always appreciate extra volunteer eyes on the trails, member or not. Congrats on the retirement & enjoy the ride!

 Krypto member offline
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Specialized Allez
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North Florida Bicycle Club
posted 5/12/2018
at 10:07:23 AM
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@ gets so many perks when you retire so I heard. My days coming 10 yrs down the road. Congrats I like your rules!

 hairykiwi member offline
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Mekk Poggio
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Secular Cycleism click to learn more about premier membership
posted 5/12/2018
at 11:30:59 AM
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Even though I'm not retired, since I work from home, I get to ride when I want. I consider it some kind of commute, its just a long detour from my bedroom to the office.

My only concern is that I don't like to waste gas driving somewhere with the bike when I can just ride there. I think I've only done that once for a local ride, obviously driving to GA or NC for a ride is different.

 podkey member offline
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Ti Cycles Ren Titanium
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posted 5/13/2018
at 7:57:06 AM
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Fun. I don't think about it much and just ride some everyday. I have ridden more retired than when working. OK "only" 130 out of a possible 133 days this year through yesterday. I believe I averaged at least 3 days a week riding to work while working and did in fact sometimes drive part way. My car sits idly in the garage to the point that I have the battery on a trickle charger (which by the way extends the life of a battery anyway). I can't justify driving my car to the gym or to the local grocery store. Makes no sense and not that far away. I really don't like wasting gas just to waste gas. I am always puzzled why I would want to fire up the car to get a loaf of bread so I don't.

I just ride in between showers if need be. The 3 days I missed were probably worst snow and ice days.
I am not in the formal ride to work challenge.

 Cdale56 member offline
Lifetime: 84,310 mi
Member No. 1223
Member since: Dec 2003
Home: Ashaway, RI 
Surly Long Haul Trucker
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Narragansett Bay Wheelmen
posted 5/19/2018
at 10:15:50 AM
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Thanks for the replies.

I ended up leaving my house around 12 or 1 PM, about 7 hours later than when I would have left on a work day. I drove part way and parked and only actually did short portions of the actual commute-the best parts- the rest was on scenic roads along my favorite roads, though I was forced to return with the grain of car commuters.

In my prime, I rarely had the time for the full 46 mile commute(both ways) so for years-every day- I would park part way or take my bike and ride before and/or after work, so I knew- and missed- the ones I hadn't seen for years.

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