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Recommendations for a new cycle computer
 Redsfan member offline
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Member since: Feb 2005
Home: Schaumburg, IL 
Specialized Globe City 6
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Breaking Winds click to learn more about premier membership
posted 9/4/2019
at 3:33:57 PM
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I would like a new cycle computer. I have done some searching on-line but I think I am confused about what some of the terms mean in the descriptions.

These are the characteristics I would like it to have:

Handle 2 bikes including being able to set the tire diameter for each bike
Have settable odometers for both bikes and for lifetime mileage
Be waterproof to the extent it works in the rain
Auto start and stop when the bike and I do
Have a trip timer and average speed for each ride (doesn't need to store that information)
Have a backlight
Be able to display current speed (with comparison to average), elapsed ride time and one other line of data through which I can scroll additional data including; time of day, average speed, bike odometer, lifetime odometer, temperature, maximum speed

I would prefer a wired computer but would accept wireless.

I haven't been able to find a cycle computer that I could tell had all of these features.

I am looking for recommendations.

 handyhannah member offline
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Member since: Jan 2008
Home: Steuben County, NY 
Specialized Roubaix
Road bike
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posted 9/7/2019
at 6:07:15 PM
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I went with a Wahoo GPS. Cant imagine going back to a cyclometer. Pairs with my phone. Start stops immediately.

 Kapn_Kaos member not displaying online status
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Lifetime: 21,128 mi
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Member since: Dec 2007
Home: Palm Bay, FL 
Raleigh 3 Spd Sport
Touring Road bike
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posted 9/13/2019
at 5:24:58 AM
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Guess I'm old school. I have vintage bikes with lots of fork rake/trail? Each has its own wired computer. Least expensive works for me; auto start with time and distance. Also helps keep me under the posted speed limit. Those pecky cars hate to get passed!

 Gunther member not displaying online status
Lifetime: 97,170 mi
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Member since: Mar 2005
Home: Lancaster, PA 
Spectrum Super Ti
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The Breakfast Club
posted 9/16/2019
at 5:38:27 AM
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I have both an Edge 500 and an 820. I will have to play with the settings a bit more but the way my 820 is configured the display just shows elapsed time since the start of the ride. It only stops if I manually turn off the device.

The 500 does a better job but it still has a tendency to start up again with the type of GPS drift that occurs in an urban area even if there is a wheel sensor which now costs more than one of the more basic wheel sensor computers.

The VDO line of cycle computers look very promising. What does the auto start/stop being based off of motion sensor do compared to stopping after a set number of seconds if the wheel magnet hasn't passed the sensor on the fork?

Also, where does one get VDO cycle computers? It looks like the US distributor is in Ventura, CA.
-- posted by Redsfan

Send me a PM on the VDO.

 podkey member offline
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Home: Beaverton, OR 
Ti Cycles Ren Titanium
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posted 9/16/2019
at 8:50:33 AM
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I did enjoy my old Vetta wired bike computer which I used when I turned over 100,000 miles and watched it roll back to zero after posting 99,999 miles. Utterly simple and reliable after I calculated wheel diameter. I went back to this wired type after having many interference issues with some wireless models that showed I had traveled 10 miles while off the bike and hit 70 mph. Interference from ham radio or police station/fire station antennae I think. Yes you can also set a Garmin 820 to automatically calculate wheel circumference and have a near zero start speed of less than 2 mph anyway. I use the motion sensor on the rear wheel (not a magnet but works more like position sensor in your cell phone). I also have a simple motion sensor for my crank which measures rpm. I have compared it with other folks wired computers and my old data on rides and am pleased with the data. I actually own one bike with the magnet set up for rear wheel and crank and have the newer motion sensors on another bike. both work ok and are reliable. I don't remember how I changed the settings so that it has more instant start but it can be done. I do much prefer using models that calculate wheel circumference and then only use the spin to calculate instead of just gps. I just spin the rear wheel to make sure it is paired and working.
post edited on 9/16/2019 at 8:51:52 AM

 Elway member offline
Lifetime: 2,148 mi
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Member since: Sep 2007
Home: Rockford, IL 
KHS Flite 900
Road bike
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posted 9/20/2019
at 8:26:05 PM
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I had a VDO unit that had a lot of functions but it crapped out on me.
I've had a Specialized Speedzone Elite wireless unit since then and have not had any problems.
The GPS units are intriguing although I've never used any of those as of yet.
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