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Newbie on US Bike ROutes.
 kgibson2001 member online
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posted 4/16/2014
at 7:56:06 PM
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So I used googlemaps and I found out about US bike routes.

WEll I used the route they told me and there still cars on the road. Come to find out I had to use 64th st route instead of 62nd st in my area.

I road from Holland MI to Saugatuck. US Bike Rt 35.

Do most bike routes offer a car free area?

 GlacierChaser member offline
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posted 4/16/2014
at 9:54:12 PM
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Short answer: No.

It will really depend on where you are as to what you get using Google maps. In areas where there aren't any bike trails, it'll route you on regular roads, where there aren't any regular roads, it'll route you on a freeway. Try Google Streetview to see what the area looks like if in doubt.

Here locally, there are some onstreet bike routes, basically side streets with signs saying "bike route". There are some bike lanes, but they're mostly on streets where you don't need a bike lane anyway. There are some bike trails, but they're normally made for slow recreational riding, not for transportation. So you may have frequent stops at major roads, the trail may weave back and forth for no reason, may just follow a creek rather than going straight, etc.

 maschwab member online
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Springfield (IL) Bicycle Club
posted 4/17/2014
at 3:42:01 AM
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Railroads don't climb very well, so followed creeks for a level route very often.
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