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Broomfield, Colorado
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Rode with ZenLC in Oct 05, had a great ride, he is an excellent and responsible rider.
posted by RabidDawg on 12/4/2005

Zen, one particular experience stands out in my mind -- the ride from Waterton Lakes to Cardston last July with you, SombraGato and rvt. Thanks to your efforts and the others, we buzzed along that route at a decent clip. I replay that ride in my mind regularly. Another experience was riding over Logan's Pass with JohnnyE driving and you, SombraGato and myself in the backseat. As you know, I voiced serious doubts on whether I could do the climb. You and The Cat gave me the confidence that I could do it, and I did. That kind of support is what makes bj members stand tall. I deeply appreciate your verbal "hand in the back" push up Logan's Pass.
posted by Did on 12/4/2005

I started thinking about it, and realized I've ridden somewhere between 600-800 miles with ZenLC this year! The wit and humor he displays in his forum posts is also evident in person. He also has an enthusiasm for cycling that is contagious, and I've never heard him say a bad word about anyone. Don't pay attention to any posts that would have you think Zen is a killer in disguise. Riding with him is always a pleasure!
posted by deadhead on 12/8/2005

Just recently had the chance to ride with ZenLC. Will do it again!!

BTW... Thanks for the "Speedy" comment the other day...

Good on ya


posted by junior_co on 9/18/2006

ZenLC,I was just reading through some of the forums, and i saw the picture of you outside on you trainer in the winter with your hands up and balancing----looks cool as anything.(And i think, that it does take a lot of skill!?!)I guess, i could have started a thread in the forum, but, i decided to ask you personally, because it looks like you may be the best source...(hoping, i guess, that you wouldnt be biased)What is your experience/opinion on the different types of indoor trainers between the kind that locks your rear wheel into vs. the kind your on in the awesome picture? On the kind your on in the picture can you stand up and pretend your climbing a hill (you know rocking the bike and such)---I dont think you can do that on the other kind? Also, does it take long to learn how to balance on the kind your on? Which one is the better way to train and better workout?

Answers to questions like these would be greatful.

Thanks for your help and time.


posted by BlueStud on 10/4/2006

Don't trust this man.

He is pure evil.

Sure, he sounds like he's trying to help you. Give you advice, point you in the right direction... and then *BAMB* he takes over your will to resist and talks you right into doing the hardest ride of you life.
Police report

Oh, but you say I just got dupped.. fell for a good line..
Well, he did it again. I'm doing Triple Bypass this year and its all ZenLC's fault.

(Thanks for giving me the motivation, encouragement, and whatnot to complete a ride that even I didn't think I could do. See you in July.)

posted by Duxie on 11/22/2006

Meeting Zen was great - and I look forward to many more rides with him. His willingness to help others and pull them along was truly an inspiration.
posted by Rob01 on 1/4/2007

Getting to ride with ZenLC and PKQ was great and I think he will remember if he challenges me, he best watch behind him....LOL!
posted by yotsbed on 10/14/2008

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