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Perth, Australia
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G'day Dave,
Well done on riding 252kms in 1 hour. What was your fuel of choice? Rocket? :>)) Cheers

posted by Cavebear2 on 2/1/2009

Thanks for the comment on the century. I should have it written up including route map tomorrow at http://aushiker.com. Will post it in the forums as well. Might catch you yet
posted by Aushiker on 2/3/2009

Looks like you're going for the number 1 spot Dave!
posted by ScottDavis on 2/9/2009

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click to enlarge 2010 Felt TK2
Track bike
Description:  58cm

Purchased on 9/2/10

Lifetime Odometer: 1,045.4 km

2008 Salsa La Cruz
Cyclocross Road bike
Description:  24/04/09

Lifetime Odometer: 2,671.7 km

2003 Trek 1400
Road bike

Lifetime Odometer: 9,416.4 km

2001 Giant XTC NRS 1
Full Susp XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 949.3 km

1999 Raceline XC Comp
Hardtail XC Mountain bike

Lifetime Odometer: 11,743.1 km
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