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Seattle, Washington
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Cycle Time Century
Member Since: June 2005 5 Year Distance Chart
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Lifetime Odometer: 57,905 miles
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My first glimpse of RaleighDon was him jumping out of a truck and bringing pie!! (I didn't get any of that, so I'm gonna have to hunt him down.) I didn't get a chance to ride with him, as we were doing different distances, but I enjoyed his company and sense of humour. I look forward to a future ride with him!
posted by Rob01 on 11/22/2007

Great story about El Tour. Thanks for posting.
posted by RCMoeur on 11/22/2007

I rode with Don a bit during the Palo Verde Century in '06 and rode with him again at El Tour de Tucson this year. Very giving person who bakes great pies and is a strong rider! He sometimes sings while riding, but I'm thankful that he didn't do it during El Tour. Hope we get to ride together again soon!
posted by mtkitchn on 11/23/2007

Hey RD!

It's me Bill! You can reach me at quasimodem1_2005@yahoo.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!


posted by Drummerboy63 on 4/23/2008

Hey its my favorit gun toting buddy. How have you been don?
posted by LiveWire on 6/16/2008

We may not see eye to eye with the gun policy Uncle Don, but I do agree with your thoughts on LiveWire... He's out there to stir the pot and making sure everyone knows that you "verbally abused" him (apparently even you because he posted on your profile to "thank you").
posted by jhworley on 6/17/2008

March Madness or Bust
posted by TahoeT on 3/16/2009

Morning, was going to put more on the Easter ride thread but thought it should end with your guys insightful and wonderfully written comments. It all struck home to me, hope others also. thanks, Dave
posted by startle on 11/21/2009

Hi Don, I hope your surgery went well. And here was I pitying myself for falling of my bike on a wet railway track and breaking my Greater Trochanter (bone just below the hip)
Perry Raison

RIP Don, Just read Mimi's tribute on your website. :>( :>(

Perry 13/8/12

posted by Cavebear2 on 4/19/2010

Just wanted to say thanks for the infomation. On a cold weather thread somewhere,you mentioned Patagonia base layer. I just reacently started wearing it and find the fit and function to also work well in the Houston heat. My thought was if it works for you in a real winter, it should more than adequate in a Houson winter. Thanks again.
posted by FatManOnABike on 6/5/2010

Congratulations on your January miles; well done.
posted by dasmith44 on 2/2/2011

It was great to finally meet and ride with you! I enjoyed our chat during the ride and look forward to seeing you again hopefully later this year.
posted by Yukonpaul on 6/6/2011

Saw in your story/post to CR about yer cat that you were dealing with some type of cancer. Just wanted to wish you the best in that. I enjoy your posts & pictures. Thanks for being part of Bikejournal & all that you contribute.

posted by rschlump on 10/5/2011

Dearest Donald, your journal is gone! maybe it's for the best, I would spend hours trying to read it.

posted by mimitabby on 12/13/2013

R.I.P. RD.
posted by GeeWizMan on 11/20/2022

Learned to ride on my sister's 26" girls bike down gravelly and potholed NE 97th Street in Portland, OR. As an adult, started recreational and commute cycling in 1988 on my first brand new bike, a Raleigh Technium Skylight, quickly dubbed the urban assault vehicle. Replaced in 1994 with a bright red new Raleigh R600 that I rode until 2003 when I noticed a cracked head tube and got a "free" upgrade to my current Competition. Why would anybody ever need more than ONE bycycle? OK, now I have 3 and a 4th on the way. I have more bikes than kids. I've done STP 12 times now, once in 1-day; completed the Canadian Fleche Pacifique with Team Chaos in 2004, completed RAMROD in 2004 and 2005, finished RSVP in 2006 for the first time with Mimi on our tandem and have come to appreciate the value of riding with a club instead of being the lone warrior.

Made my 2008 goal of 5,500 miles on July 19th. Now what do I do? 
click to enlarge 2007 Davidson Custom (Katrina)
Road bike

took delivery 2-16-07. Before I'd had her 24 hours, I'd ridden 130 miles on her and what a fine machine. Lugged steel frame, Richard Sachs "Neuvex" lugs, Chris King headset, Shimano DuraAce triple w/ 12-27 rear cassette, Schmidt generator front hub and Phil Wood rear hub, external bottom bracket, Nitto bars, stem and seat tube, Berthoud front rack and bag and stainless steel rear rack. Set up with all the braze-ons needed for doing touring.

Important maintenance stuff:
New rear derailleur (Dura-Ace) and chain (sram) @ 5485 miles. Replaced Sram chain @ 6881 with a Wipperman when the SRAM broke going up a hill. New Wipperman again at 8896. Rear Hub service at 12,000. Starting out the year 2009 with 12300 miles of happy riding on this fine machine. New bottom bracket at 12,802 miles

MAINT (2-26-09): New Shimano dura-ace 12/27 cassette, new Shimano Ultegra rear derailleur, new wipperman 9-spd chn, new brake pads front & rear (mileage = 14,100)

Maintenance 4/17/09: Mileage 15,110. New Sram chain, new rear derailleur cable & housing; service drivetrain. Rear hub/wheel off to Phil Wood and install temp replacement Shimano XT rear freehub and Mavic A719 rim, new spokes/rimtape and labor. Total: $438.21

SERVICE: New Tires @ 15382; 4731 miles on last set.

9/21/09 - seasonal overhaul @ 19850; new chain, XTR pedals and front shift cable @ 22990 (4-12-10)

5/24/11: Overhaul, remove the fenders & rack, break her down for the first time to ship of to AZ for my first ever 600k. New cassette, new big ring. 30971 miles.

Lifetime Odometer: 33,418.2 miles

700 x 28C Continental 4-Season, front, 2,607 miles
700 x 28C Continental UGS, rear, 2,607 miles
Connex  9 speed, 10,428 miles

click to enlarge 1988 Raleigh Technium Skylite
26" Comfort bike
Description:  I puchased a bike exactly like this one early in 1988 and commuted almost every day on it for a year. Then rode infrenquently until 1991 when I dusted it off, rode my first event ride (Chilly Hilly), my first 4 STP's and then gave it to my brother Mike when I got my first new road bike. And when I found one on Craig's List this week, same color, all the original stuff on it, and looking almost like it did coming off the showroom floor, I jumped at the chance to buy it.
BEFORE Photograph:

AFTER Photograph (11-21-2009):

Lifetime Odometer: 2,878.5 miles

click to enlarge 2003 Raleigh Competition
Road bike
Description:  Purchased in June 2003 to replace R600 that got a cracked head tube from jumping too many curbs. Changed cassette to 11/32 w/ Shimano rear derailleur for lower climbing gears.

Replaced Shimano 16-spoke rims 8/30/06 to Bontrager Select; same cassette. New tires again at 14,314.8 before trip to Tucson. At 14600 miles, changed front chainrings (top and middle only) going to a 53/42 from 52/42. New chain, rear cassette (11/32) and wheels - DT Swiss 32 spoke.

Lifetime Odometer: 22,268.5 miles

700 x 25C Continental Ultra Gator Skin, front, 3,448 miles
700 x 25C Continental Ultra Gator Skin, rear, 3,448 miles
Wipperman  9 speed, 5,420 miles

click to enlarge 2009 Dahon Speed TR
Folding bike

Lifetime Odometer: 708.1 miles

click to enlarge Burley Rock-N-Roll
Tandem Road bike
Description:  Lifetime mileage is for our use only...purchased this used tandem from Amy H., who purchased (but never rode) from Linda K. who did RAMROD and at least 1 Canadian Fleche with it. New tires after 2,255.5 miles.

MAINT: March 2009 - @ 3400 miles; new wheelset with rebuild of the Shimano hubs, change to Schwalbe marathons, add drum brake w/ bar end shifter on stoker-bar, new brake pads, frame repair @ SoftRide beam where it meets the top tube; full annual overhaul.

Lifetime Odometer: 4,694.9 miles

26 x 1.50 Schwalbe Marathon, front, 1,315 miles
26 x 1.50 Schwalbe Marathon, rear, 1,315 miles

other GUEST
Road bike
Description:  This isn't a bike, per se. it is just so I have something to use when I'm riding on something that isn't my bike.

Lifetime Odometer: 517.7 miles
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