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2016 Bike Journal Trick or Treat Challenge
1 - 31
Sat Mon
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Date: Saturday, 10/1/2016 - Monday, 10/31/2016
Time: 12:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Max Distance: 310.0 mi
Cost: $.00
Contact: markiansj

Routes: none specified

In honor of Halloween, you are invited you to participate in the Bike Journal Trick or Treat Challenge. It's a great way to earn all that Halloween candy!

The Details

Ride at least 310 miles between October 1 and October 31.

Outdoor or indoor miles are OK. You can also report minutes instead of miles if riding indoors. If reporting time only an equivalence of 4 minutes per mile will be used. (Thus you would need to spin for 1240 minutes (20 hours 40 minutes) to meet the challenge. You can also use any combination of the three (outdoor and indoor miles plus indoor time [not previously reported as indoor miles] to equal 310 miles).

Meeting the challenge gives you the satisfaction of guilt-free trick or treat snacking on Halloween.

Sign up for the challenge, and report your progress in the 2016 thread.

Previous events: 2012.
- submitted by markiansj
8 members attending
Member Location Primary Club Primary Bike
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2020 miles
1 Bolo_Grubb Tucson, AZ Bicyclists With Bice.. Cannondale Synap.. 0
2 HighFlyer Texas City, TX Mountain State Wheel.. Raleigh Grand Pr.. 429
3 KrateKraig premier member Roscoe, IL Secular Cycleism Specialized Turb.. 76
4 LanceOldstrong Concord, CA Cruiserweights Specialized Roubaix.. 2,626
5 markiansj premier member Hopewell, NJ Coach Troy's Spi.. Gravity Avenue A .. 0
6 MLC40 premier member Toronto, ON Club Rouge Croix Marinoni Turismo tou.. 128
7 Redsfan premier member Schaumburg, IL Breaking Winds Specialized Globe C.. 363
8 tojesky premier member Katy, TX Team Vite Racing ICE VTX+ trike r.. 1,128

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