Texas Canine Ambush   
 Ride Stats
Distance: 34.13 miles Altitude Gain: 1,459 ft Avg Speed: 16.07 mph
Route: Sullivinville Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 147 bpm Avg HR: 113 bpm Terrain: Road: Hills
Bike: custom built Cipollini RB800 Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Light Rain\Sun\Clouds 66 F SW wind @ 12 mph
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 Head Winds
Had a new 11-30 cassette on the shelf so I was back in the hill climbing business for the week. Waited for the rain to stop but that cost me the lighter winds usually found in the earlier parts of the day. Legs still not feeling good yet but had a good climb up Old Odessa. Unfortunately climbed back into a light rain and had to deal with that and a headwind to the Junction. Had a nice steady climb up to Sullivinville and rose into the sunshine. Put some effort into the downgrade into Horseheads and thought I would be able to get the average up to seventeen without too much strain. Counted on getting a tailwind in the slot through Pine Valley but it turned out to be a headwind as the wind shifted. Did do a sprint into Millport but after that it was a slow coast home as the legs were empty. Last five miles was taxing but tried not to push the legs beyond their limit. I had headwinds for the entire course but turned out to be a nice ride once the sun came out.

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