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 Ride Stats
Distance: 60.19 miles Altitude Gain: 2,980 ft Avg Speed: 15.99 mph
Route: Corning River Road Avg Grade: 0 % Max Grade: 0 %
Max HR: 157 bpm Avg HR: 119 bpm Terrain: Road: Hills
Bike: custom built Cipollini RB800 Road Club: Schuyler County Cycling Club
Weather Conditions: Sun/Overcast 70 F ESE wind @ 6 mph
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 Longer Ride
Third day and last day of the great weather so headed out for a longer ride. Temperature was predicted to go into the high sixties and winds were supposed to be all over the place. Did the River Road Ride today but instead of the normal forty-nine miles of upgrade and then eleven miles of fast descent I opted to go backwards and start off with a couple of climbs. Had the ride all scoped out to catch the best possible winds then threw that all away as it took longer to warm up than expected. Waited until it was over sixty before starting. Winds were going to be light anyway, so I would rather be comfortable. First hill was a highway climb and did it in the big chainring with a good start out of the saddle. Really needed to finish the mile and a half climb out of the saddle too but wimped out again as reckoned it was going to be a long day for early season. First section was out of Watkins Glen to Corning. Went over the top with an eleven mile an hour average then pushed hard for the first hour of riding. Hit my modest goal of fifteen in the hour with two climbs and a mild tailwind. Was hoping to get the average up to seventeen by Corning but ended up with a little over sixteen. Had to pass through the city and that both dropped my average speed and took the wind out of my sails. Still had thirty-five miles left to do and was fearful of a section into the wind that was increasing, but once I got to the section the wind really wasn't too bad. Had to pass through Elmira next and after stopping at a dozen lights my average was dropping fast. The computer shuts down when I stop but all start and stop still took a toll. Didn't pick up the tailwind I had anticipated for the last downgrade section, but I did start to get a saddle sore. Started spending a good deal of time out of the saddle. Last section dragged, the sun disappeared between heavy clouds, and the oncoming traffic all had their headlights on. Thought I might get wet in addition to the saddle sore. Temperature without the sun dropped from the high of seventy into the mid-fifties. Got home without getting wet though and ordered some different shorts. Actually had my best time over the harder section of the ride. Had a good ride overall despite the last five miles. Rains soon followed my arrival at home, and the recent warm weather has come to an end. A couple days next week look ridable, but it will require more clothing and won't be working on my cycling tan.

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