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Distance: 5.81 miles Time: 00:28:30 Max Speed: 20.00 mph
Avg Speed: 12.23 mph Temp: Avg: 32
Category: general: commute - solo
Route: Commuting to and from Hilton Weight: 238 Altitude Gain: 0 ft
Avg Power: 195 W Terrain: Road: Flat Bike: Bianchi 32lb-Castro Valley Road
Club: Commuter Cycling Century
Weather Conditions: Patches of ice on metal grating, clear and near calm; 5-10 mph Westerly wind

Distance: 4.75 miles Time: 00:27:00 Max Speed: 0.00 mph
Avg Speed: 10.56 mph Temp: Avg: 57
Category: general: leisure - solo
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Avg Power: 150 W Terrain: Road: Flat Bike: Dahon 32lb-Cadenza Folding
Club: USA Towpath and Trail Riders association
Weather Conditions: nice and sunny, Westerly winds 7-15mph;
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 Crashed on the way to work
Had a crash on the way in to work this morning.

Starting across a steel deck bridge on Clarkson-Parma Town Line, the rear wheel slid to the left. I pitched right and forward, hit the deck at 12-14 mph. I blacked out for a few minutes as I slammed down and slid to the edge rail. The Helmet did it's job protecting me from any long term harm. My face got a bit messed up. got 5 or 6(only 4) stitches above my right eye. Sore and aching is my face, right thigh, left wrist, several of my knuckle joints, tongue, some front teeth, and inner cheeks.

I'm going to lose a couple of days of work time.

The recently upgraded Bianchi needs some re-work, both Brifters are damaged.

Hitting the steel deck bridge at about 6:25AM, I was out cold for a period of time(5 minutes or so). I have no memory of what transpired from the instant my rear wheel slid left, until answering Martin's persistent question, about 15 minutes later!

According to reliable sources, the first responder on scene was Tom O'Leary. Additionally Greg Speer, another Parma town employee arrived on scene immediately. Later, Greg stopped by my home in the afternoon/evening to see how I was doing. Also John and Kelly, two co-workers and friends whom Ginny and I have biked with, stopped by to inquire about my needs and well-being.

Help also came via notification from Hilton Central School employees. Friends and co-workers Shauna on bus 58 and Marty Maier Head Mechanic were on scene too! Shauna made an announcement of the crash over the bus 2-way radio. Apparently I was engaged in answering questions which I do not recall. The first memory after the crash was while on scene and being strapped on a gurney. A question was asked of me by Marty 3 times according to him. I remember him asking it twice. His persistent question? "Would you like me to call your Wife?". Finally as the ambulance was arriving something about his question made sense and I said YES!

Hilton Volunteer Ambulance took me to Strong Memorial Hospital. An MRI looked fine. Experiencing some mild coordination and memory issues with names. I should be fine by Monday.

I have updated details of the crash and corrected some typos on April 19th;

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